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The Truth Can Set You Free

Elizabeth Rose, one-third of our friends north of the border at MetAnotherFrog, contributes today’s tale of long distance love lost. Even if freedom is not your choice or your desire…

The Can Set You Free

“You can’t handle the truth!” ~ Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men

Long ago, in a far away land, Elizabeth Rose was very much in love. She lived with a man who made her laugh, had a cock she dreamed of at night and could make her smile with the simplest glance or the lightest touch.

He was an eccentric man, but as our heroine was an eccentric girl, they lived happily in their eccentric life. They worked peacefully together through the week (once the scandal had died down – he was her boss once upon a time…), and on the weekend she would go shopping while he ate cake for lunch. (As I said, he was an eccentric man, and he had a very sweet tooth.)

And they were happy for a time.

Then fate interfered and their workplace relocated to a distant kingdom. Our Knight Gallant chose to follow his job, and our Elizabeth was offered treasure by a rival firm located in London.

In the weeks that followed they had many long and intense conversation about what choices they should make. In the end they decided that they would both follow their own path, and that a long distance relationship was to be attempted.

“If it’s meant to be…” was the refrain and the escape route for each to make their own selfish choices without compromise.

Weeks, if not months would pass between their visits, when the young lovers would be reunited for only a few days. Those times spent together were bittersweet, both blissful and heart breaking. With so little time to be together, neither wished to discuss the doubts or horrors plaguing their minds. So each visit would commence in joy, only to end with tear filled and downcast eyes.

“If it’s meant to be…”

Both had given the other freedom from any moral bounds allowing the other to take refuge in pleasures of the flesh where they are offered. The price for this freedom was silence. Conversation became strained, each wondering what it was the other was not telling. Both taking what refuge could be found in the words “if it’s meant to be”.

The relationship eventually cracked under the weight of what might be unsaid. Neither daring to ask the other for the truth; jealousy leading to insecurity leading to the end of all that could have been.

“If it’s meant to be…”

So under the shadow of all those mights, perhaps and maybes; our Lady and her Knight parted ways. Tears and regrets echoing amidst the silence of a truth unspoken.

Our Elizabeth’s truth was a perverse irony. No man had ever matched her distant Knight, and so she had waited faithfully between each of their visits, not wanting the freedom she had been granted. Never daring to break the promises made. Never attempting to take back the freedoms she had given or reject those granted to her. Never choosing to share her truth.

If it was meant to be…


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7 to “The Truth Can Set You Free”

  1. Greta says:

    Love the fairytale. I have a relative that lived this life for 15 years until her “prince charming” became available. Little did she realize it was his inavailability that made the realtionship work for her for those 15 years. When he proposed she shyed away and ran for the hills. Funny how reality smacks one in the face, huh?

  2. Jester says:

    If you do not have expectations then you cannot be disappointed. However, if you don’t speak on your expectations you can lose everything!
    Jester recently posted..Three Things You Can Do That Will Absolutely Make Your Relationship BetterMy Profile

  3. SoloAt30 says:

    How many opportunities have been lost, love slipped away out of fear of saying how you truly feel, admit what you really want.

    On the other hand, not taking those “selfish” different paths would surely have led to resentment if the relationship went bumpy. My life is full of “what ifs…”
    SoloAt30 recently posted..Things To Remember About MyselfMy Profile

  4. IntrigueMe says:

    If it was meant to be, maybe it will come back when the time is right. :)

    Regardless, a sad but lovely at the same time, well written guest post.
    IntrigueMe recently posted..Keep On- Keepin’ OnMy Profile

  5. Someone should have said, “Look, it’s obviously NOT meant to be, why kid ourselves. If we wanted to be together, we would compromise and BE together.” You can’t sit on a fence and say ‘if it’s meant to be’ into the wind. You have to DO things and Make things happen.

    This gave me shivers because I can relate. I will never say, ‘If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen’ again. It’s an excuse to keep us from taking a leap of faith and following one’s heart. Love is about loving yourself, yes, but it’s also about putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own. I’ve never done that. But apparently that’s what happily married couples do…
    Angelina JoLoveless recently posted..For Love or MoneyMy Profile