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Cram It in the Boot

I’d been planning to do a somewhat naughty poll today, but today just didn’t work out as planned. Sidenote: a very personal thank you to Jack, Sherri, Cece and everyone else who helped take care of me last night at the tweetup when I started to feel icky. I’m feeling better today, but still kinda off.

The naughty poll will have to wait until I’m more coherent. In the meantime, I just have a couple nonsensical comments about anal . Maybe it’s just me, but I see references/allusions to anal popping up all over the place. I thought this mini commercial was cute the first time I saw it, but now it keeps playing when I’m watching the Daily Show online, and I’m over it.

And there have been a few serious-ish posts, in recent months, on sites I frequent. Salon and Slate, for example.

So is 2011 the year that goes mainstream?

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3 to “Cram It in the Boot”

  1. Sue says:

    I gotta say – I hope not. Just not for me.
    Sue recently posted..No Words Wednesday- Happy BirthdayMy Profile

  2. AOC Johnny says:

    I’ve noticed that to. Here is an interesting one on Jezebel made me laugh.!5784907/how-i-learned-to-get-pegged-and-like-it

    And I’ll give you a “not for me” as well. ha

  3. jackie says:

    I love how every generation thinks they invented sex.

    jackie recently posted..The Dating Marketplace with Nic &amp NeelyMy Profile