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Because Sometimes Love is Just a Matter of Luck…

I officially at coming up with titles and catch-phrases. Anyone who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis already knows this. It’s just not something I have a knack for. And (probably) because of that I am uber-appreciative of people who ARE good at it.

So I kinda swooned when I first watched Dating in Disguise, because it has the best catch-phrase ever,

“because sometimes love is just a matter of .”


Some of you might have noticed Dating in Disguise has replaced my Grooveshark playlist, over there in the top right corner of my blog.  I’ll be featuring it for the rest of the month.  You should check it out.

Dating in Disguise – Game Show, Episode 2

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1 to “Because Sometimes Love is Just a Matter of Luck…”

  1. Wynn says:

    Anyone who has ever read more than two blog posts over at my place also realise that I suck so bad at coming up with titles. It’s friggin hard and I get totally jealous with all those bloggers out there that, no matter how short the post, come up with these awesome and nifty titles on every post. There should be classes or something..