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The Insomniacs Club

Good morning (nearly noon) everyone.  Funny how things work out. We’ve had this Insomniacs Club post scheduled for nearly a week, and I was up for most of the night, tossing and turning.

Anyway…  today is the start of a new experiment in group participation.  The very talented Alex over at The Urban Dater did a fab job summing it up below, so I’m just going to quote him (why reinvent the wheel).  I just wanted to say, personally, that I’m excited about this new project and can’t wait to see what happens next.


Are you ready for some thing a little different? Welcome to the Insomniacs Club. The Insomniacs Club is repre­sented by a collection of talented writ­ers and thought-​​leaders on the topics of relationship advice, dating horror stories, love and .

The convergence of these various writ­ers is an experimental way to throw a new twist on what we love to do: dish on the sultry, provocative and the down right “dirty.” What does it mean? Every month the Insomniacs Club will choose a topic to write about. We each take our turns on the topic and share it with our audiences. The idea is that with such a vast array of strong well-​​written voices within the community we’ll be able to inspire a fun and healthy debate; and in the process you find a new blogger to read and enjoy.

None of us knows how this will turn out, but in addition to living hard on the bottle, in prison cells or the street gutters we love to write; to be creative and to have fun. We hope you’ll check out this madness, coming to a blog near you.

How can you keep up with the Insomniac Club? Do you know how to use ? Have you ever wanted to ride bare-​​back on a majestic Unicorn while sit ting behind the Swayze? If you answered yes or no to either of these ques tions, you’re in! Simply search for the #insomniaclub hashtag on Twitter to keep up with every one and their posts. Here is a list of our club roster of talented writers. Happy reading!

F*cking in Brooklyn

All The Single Ladies

Simone Grant

The Book of Love Was Written By A Sadist

Thank You For Your Sex

Feisty Woman

Met Another Frog


The Urban Dater

How Very Lucky To Be A Girl

Miss. Taylor Cast

Women Are From Mars

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4 to “The Insomniacs Club”

  1. Max says:

    I would love to be a part of this or at least share the link on my page. Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Tina Crones says:

    Can our blog join your group? We just started it over this past Valentine’s Day Weekend. Its called Over 40 and Seeking: Thoughts from the Edge. This blog discusses the situations and experiences encountered by a women who have lived many lives and are seeking new ones. We have been through dating, marraiges, careers, childrearing, illness, divorce and the challenge of creating fulfilling relationships over 40. We would be honored to be included. Check it out, I think you will find it entertaining.

  3. Simone Grant says:

    I’ll be reaching out to you both via email.

  4. rose says:

    I am happy, and somewhat relieved, to learn there are others who consider the morning to be around noon….

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