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How About We… Skip to the Good Part

Most people think of me as a longtime fan of .  And I am.

But I’m always relieved when a guy cuts through the layers of potential BS to say, in the first or second email, “hey you seem cool, let’s just skip all this email/phone call stuff and meet.” Because when it comes down to it, I think of online dating as online meeting. Just a quick way to meet potentially interesting men.

I’ve always had little patience for the endless compatibility testing, the silly questions, and the guys who want to spend weeks emailing and IM’ing.

Which is why I totally crushed on How About We… when I first read about it this summer/when the NYTimes did a feature on them. Instead of spending hours writing a profile and answering (nonsensical) questions, you come up with a fun idea for date. Yeah, I tend to like short first dates, but short doesn’t mean dull.

Some awesome short first date examples, for the non-believers in you:

*  How about we hit the Hot Chocolate festival?

*  How about we grab a cone at pommes frites, and hang out in Tompkins Square Park?

*  How about we take a stroll through the Cloisters?

OK, now go browse. Fun, right?

So why haven’t I been using them (exclusively)?

Numbers. There aren’t that many guys in my demographic currently using the service. YET. How About We… is still new-ish and growing. Which means we need lots more cool people talking about them and using them. Speaking of which, just in time for Valentine’s Day – is offering a special 33% Off their service! Just use Promo Code: VDAYFUN.


8 to “How About We… Skip to the Good Part”

  1. Liz says:

    I hate endless emailing and am somewhat unusual (at least in L.A.) for feeling uncomfortable with talking on the phone to someone I haven’t met in person yet. Not to mention I have to make room in my schedule for a phone call, which just seems more hassle than it’s worth. I’m all about cutting to the coffee date as soon as possible.

    I’ll check out that site. As far as dating sites, I also like the site for book lovers called “Alikewise,” but it doesn’t have the numbers yet either.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Ugh, I hate weeks of emailing back and forth, too. At some point you have to see if you’re compatible face-to-face, ya know?

    Ooooh, I love the hot chocolate festival idea! So sweet (and has a lot of romantic first-date potential). I love this idea, too. After burning out the circuit, it’s nice to know there’s another alternative for us single ladies :)

  3. Liam says:

    I think you could argue everyone’s different… some people wouldn’t feel comfortable meeting someone online who they haven’t really spoke to before. It’s a matter of preference I guess!

  4. Trent Hawke says:

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  5. Tad Smar says:

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