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A Break from the Bitchfest! The Single Edition Radio Show

So, if any of you follow me on twitter or facebook (and if you don’t, WTF not?) then you’ve heard me moan about my email issues. Like everyone else in the modern world, I get too damn much of it.

This really stresses me out, because I’m more than a little anal. And I pretty much can’t deal with the fact that I have unread emails. It drives me NUTS. NUTS!!!!! What if there’s something really important in one of those unread emails?  A letter from a long lost friend who needs my help! A message from a (reputable) publisher who thinks I’m a freakin genius! News that I’ve won a million dollars!

Anything can happen, right?

Anyway, the truth is that I have a couple/few email accounts that I don’t always get to. For days, sometimes weeks. And so sat a very interesting email from a wonderful and cool woman at this new online radio station.  Someone there had read been reading my blog and for some ungodly reason they thought I’d be a fun radio host.

We exchanged some emails and, shockingly, it was all completely legit and they were a) not deranged b) serious about wanting me as a host. Well, I was totally flattered.  And kinda interested.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a total podcast addict. I listen to about 20 hours of podcasts a week (mostly late at night when I can’t sleep).

But I had no interest in doing it alone. I mean, seriously, how dull would that be?  Me babbling into a microphone = recipe for disaster.

So I called my brilliant friend Sherri Langburt, CEO/Founder of Single Edition, and someone I’ve been working very closely with on a new project (more on that at a later time). Sherri and I had talked, previously, about doing some kind of radio show for singles. Something fun and informative. Something that celebrates single-dom and lets us talk about more than just dating (because y’know, we do have lives).

And hence, The Single Edition Radio Show was born. Tonight is our debut.

Here are some of the details. We’re on the brand spankin new Talk Radio Unlimited network, every Wednesday night at 9pm ET. And then, all of the shows will available for download on our showpage.

Now, coincidentally, we already had big plans for tonight (before we had the radio show scheduled). A bunch of bloggers from Single Edition Media are getting a sneak peak of When Strangers Click: Five Stories from the Internet, an HBO Documentary. So Sherri and I decided to stick with that theme for the night.  We’ll be interviewing the filmmaker, Marc Weiss, PLUS the author of the Perils of Cyberdating and online dating expert Julie Spira AND blogger extraordinaire Jack from Brooklyn. Too awesome for words, am I right?

Now, you should probably expect tonight’s show to be a little bumpy. We’ve never done this before, so…


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  1. sandyvs says:

    That is so exciting! I can hardly wait to listen to this.

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