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‘I’m Too Sexy’ Valentine’s Day Contest

Cosabella Ceylon Camisole and Low Rise Hot Pants on a model - NOT ME

I’m just gonna come out and say it – I’m sexier now than I was 10 years ago.  Or 20 years ago. Hold on tight, there are tangents-a-plenty.

I might have had a better body in my 20s and/or 30s. But back then, I wasn’t nearly as comfortable in my own skin as I am now. Not that I think I’m all that. Believe me, I don’t. Random tangent: I recently went out and bought new jeans for the first time in years.  It was something I didn’t want to do, but had to, because ALL of my jeans were too tight. Even the fat jeans. And then finally it hit me – I’m 40, It’s perfectly OK for me to buy a bigger size.

But aside from my random issues with jeans, I am pretty damn comfortable with my body and how I look. In a way that I couldn’t even imagine being when I was younger.  And that’s really what is about, for me. A state of mind. Another random tangent, to illustrate: I remember a boyfriend I had a long, long time ago who was very fond of sex in the shower.  And back then, I could NEVER get into it because all I could think of was that the bathroom lights were bright and he could see every inch of my nakedness in bad lighting.  Not sexy.  Whereas, now…

Which leads me to this year’s Valentine’s Day contest. As some of you might recall, I did a pretty awesome (post-Valentine-Day’s) contest last year. So I had to top it, right?

This year’s sponsor is the amazing folks at

They’re a new online underwear (and loungewear, accessories, swimwear, athletics and I’m sure I’m missing something…) shop for both men and women. And they’re the perfect partners for this contest because a) wearing pretty lingerie makes me feel even more confident and sexy and b) they have fabulous undies for both men and women. So, this year’s winner will be able to pick out their own amazing undies at (top and bottom for the women, bottom for the guys). ps to this – that picture up there, MY PICK.

Entering the giveaway is easy – leave a comment telling us your favorite love .  The winner will be selected at random. I don’t have a single favorite, but Nat King Cole’s, ‘Sometimes I’m Happy’ is a song that always makes me smile.

I’ll announce the winner on the 14th.

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65 to “‘I’m Too Sexy’ Valentine’s Day Contest”

  1. Not exactly a “love song” but it’s a tribute to the greatest love story of all time.

  2. Fox says:

    Nice post…

    Fave Love Song is a hard one…
    Had to settle on “The Way You Look Tonight” – the Cole Porter classic.
    Sung by whoever… Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick, or Maroon 5.
    It’s beautiful.

  3. Matt says:

    I do love you- Billy Stewart

  4. Sandy says:

    i was all prepared to spend a good amount of time thinking about this one, but it came to me in an instant: my favorite love song is yo la tengo’s “our way to fall.” i’m hoping you turn responses into a great vday playlist.

  5. Pet says:

    Favorite Love Song: My Funny Valentine by Billie Holiday.

  6. HP says:

    Great post! I have to say that I’m still in my 20s, but I’m just now starting to become comfortable in my own skin. I’m a totally different person then I was in my teens, even though I basically look the same. But it’s a wonderful feeling becoming less inclined to care what other people think about me.

    As for favorite love song, my favorite has always been Elton John’s “Your Song”.

  7. sandyvs says:

    Then you can tell me goodbye.-The Casinos

    I remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid. SO romantic. *sigh*

  8. Ann C says:

    I love the song, “What a Wonderful World”.

  9. Trinitee says:

    Fergie – Finally

    Tells of a story between two people who cross paths on more than one occasion and she is afraid to give herself to him until she reaches her pivotal moment in life and sees that he is there through thick and thin.

    This is the story of my life and my now partner. I always loved him, but was afraid to show him.

  10. Jessi says:

    Oh man. I’m a sucker for Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed.

  11. single much says:

    ‘She’s Got a Way About Her’ Billy Joel. Sigh, someday someone will mean those words about me. :)

  12. Lara says:

    I adore that set in the picture. Sexy underwear is my weakness (along with dark chocolate and red wine and…). One of my absolute favorites is Second Time Around. I like it performed by Michael Feinstein (cuz I’m a sucker for a modern cutie singing the American Songbook).

  13. I think my son should enter- his favorite song is either “Itsy Bitsy spider,” or “Oh JJ boy” — well, it was Oh Danny boy – but I had to modify it. And all my son needs is a fresh diaper –

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Marc Cohn “True Companion”

  15. Kelly says:

    Ok, I’m going to regret this, but when I think of my favorite love song I remember going to my 7th grade dance with my first boyfriend, and Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” was crackling through the gym’s speakers as we kind of swayed back and forth with our sweaty palms touching. I still remember the feeling of being totally nervous and infatuated for the first time..nothing quite like it. :)

  16. katie says:

    There are so many- but “Something” by the Beatles is my pick

  17. WishfulThinker says:

    Long time reader; first time poster. With this giveaway how could I not?! My fav love song is a weird one: death can for cuties “I will follow you into the dark.” it’s a bit morbid but very romantic

  18. pups4me says:

    “Someone like you” by Van Morrison is my pick. It’s been in a few different movies and each time I hear the song it makes me think of love :)

  19. Amy says:

    my favourite love song is: Somewhere beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin <3

  20. ChaChanna says:

    The Point of it All by Anthony Hamilton\

  21. Anais says:

    Isn’t It Romantic? I adore the Ella Fitzgerald version! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! 😉

  22. Samantha says:

    Definitely “At Last” by Etta James!

  23. Kelly says:

    First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. Always moves me.

  24. Christina says:

    Please Forgive Me – Bryan Adams

  25. FeistyWoman says:

    A fav of mine is “Your Love” by The Outfield, free drawls or not. 😉

  26. luna says:

    (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, by Bryan Adams

  27. LadyD says:

    “I’m Glad There Is You” – Jamie Cullum does an incredible version of the Jimmy Dorsey song – just gives me chills!

  28. Rachel says:

    Not sure I really have a #1, but let’s say Fly Me to the Moon, Frank Sinatra.

  29. Joe Amoia says:

    Hands down the greatest love song IMO is Marvin Gaye’s “let’s get it on”. Before anyone says this is the obvious male choice, read the lyrics. It is about a man who is in love desire to experience the ultimate experience of love with his woman. Just close your eyes, picture the fireplace going, a good bottle of wine and this song playin’ in the background. SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!

  30. Kaylynn says:


    Found your blog not too long ago, and I’ve been reading it almost daily ever since. Never commented before, but decided to now. My favorite love song is most definitely At Last by Etta James. I just recently married the love of my life last August, and when she and I walked down the aisle that was the song that was playing. I always smile when I hear it. For fun, when we go into wal-mart and pass the “push the button music player” and we always press the cd that plays that song and laugh and just hold hands while everyone else is probably thinking, look at those goofballs!

  31. Phil Collins: “Throwing it all away” I watch your world go round and round, and see mine turning upside down…

  32. Nikki B says:

    Ohh… so many.

    “My Antonia” by EmmyLou Harris, esp the version with Dave Matthews – makes me tear up every time.

    And “Feels Like Home” by Randy Newman… “Yellow” by Coldplay… “By Your Side” by Sade… But I think maybe Fisher’s “I Will Love You” might win.

    You just wanted one didn’t you… my bad.

    PS Great post. I think feeling awesome in your own skin is Sexy at it’s best.

  33. Alison says:

    Bruce Springsteen’s “If I should Fall Behind.” First time I heard that song it instantly became the most romantic song in the world for me.

  34. Cheapsuits says:

    Love Will Tear Us Apart Again – Joy Division

  35. Ooh, this is easy: L-o-v-e by Nat King Cole.

  36. nicole says:

    Would you go with me – Josh Turner

    *bonus point for his super sexy voice

  37. Aida says:

    I am lame but I am only 21 and my favorite love song is “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” by the Backstreet Boys

  38. Sarah says:

    Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk.. luv this tune

  39. Sarah says:

    Mine would have to be Michelle by The Beatles. An oldie but goodie.

  40. em says:

    “i want to hold the hand inside you
    i want to take the breath that’s true..”

    Mazzy Star – Fade Into You <3

  41. Shawn H says:

    I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by the one and only Elvis Presley.

  42. Nicole says:

    Definitely Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits or Beanie by The Cat Empire. It’s just the cutest song ever!

  43. Single Girl says:

    Have always loved this one! “Friends and Lovers” Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson

  44. Sharon says:

    Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina

    Not conventional perhaps, but there is something so sweet and wistful with the melody and that accordian tune! This was also definitely the soundtrack to my last romance. :)

  45. Melissa says:

    Mine has to be “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. It was my wedding song.

  46. Lindsey P says:

    Coldplay- Yellow

    OR for new love:

    Mason Jennings- Fighter Girl

  47. Allison says:

    Wondeful tonight by Eric Clapton

  48. @femmmefatal says:

    I like “Too bad” not my genre but kinda cool for this moment:)

  49. @femmmefatal says:

    Oh Snap, I forgot I LOVE this Kate Bush song, how to dl..?

  50. Q says:

    OK, my favorite has got to be “La La Means I Love You” by the Delfonics. ESPECIALLY as it appears in that scene from The Family Man when Nick Cage sings it to Tea Leoni:

    Makes me cry EVERY TIME.