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Variety is the Spice of Life

I’ve rarely been accused of being shy. But I am a Gemini. So while there’s a part of me that thrives in social situations, there’s another part of me that likes to just stay home and read.

And lately, I gotta admit, the quiet side of me has been pretty much in control. I’ve turned into a total homebody. OK, this is a slight exaggeration. I was in Miami for a conference last week and did plenty of socializing while I was there. And I’ve made time for brunches and lunches with friends. Just no parties…

Anyway, that’s about to change. I decided that I need to FORCE MYSELF (notice the caps) to get out more. Even when I’d rather stay home and read, or work.

I’ve just had just a string of bad luck with lately.  So maybe I need to shake things up and meet more guys IRL. And that’s not going to happen if I’m spending the vast majority of my time at home, alone, in my apartment.

So I have plans to got to 3 different social things in the next couple of weeks.  And will continue to book my calendar up with more. More parties, more events.  More trying.

Not that I’m giving up on online dating. Not at all. Though truth be told, it’s been over 2 weeks now since I’ve dealt with my inbox. I just need more variety in my dating/social life.

What’s the worse that can happen?  I go out to all of these parties and I don’t meet anyone.  So what?  It kinda doesn’t matter either way. All that matters is that I enjoy myself, with my friends.  And I’m sure I will.  So it’s a win-win either way.

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3 to “Variety is the Spice of Life”

  1. Toddy says:

    Totally true. You might like a new book that came out called “The Science of Single” where a single woman similar to the tone of us dating bloggers writes about trying as many different forms of dating, dating help and meeting men as she can. Singles events, networking, online, matchmakers, setups by friends etc. Cheers, T.

  2. Excellent idea! Am planning to do something similar myself. but am having a hard time getting motivated. I miss the days of dating co-workers…

  3. LadyD says:

    Right there with you – have also been hermiting last few weekends; have had invites, but no interest in the events. Meh. Also have been dealing with some health issues that I’m working thru – and as you know, when you’re not feeling well, you don’t give off good energy. Foo. This next month has a lot of new events coming up, and a new round of dance classes starting that I will be attending; I’ve GOT to lose 10 lbs. before my b-day in April – it’s a big one – 45 – and I don’t need to be pudgy! Hang in there! Onward and upward, m’dear!

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