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The Top 10 Posts of 2010

I’m a few days late with this. But better late than never?

As my regular readers know, I’m not a big fans of lists. But I do data. And so I’m one of those pathetically geeky people who look at year-end statistics to see if I can make heads or tails of what it all means.

There’s some interesting stuff here.  Three of the most read posts of the year were guest posts. I think that’s awesome and a credit to the amazing people who are willing to share their stories with my audience.  As for the other 7, you’ve got a little bit of everything in there. Nothing particularly controversial or even very personal. Just a lot of random thoughts about , and the nature of love.

I wonder what 2011’s will look like?

1.   Misplaced Love
2.   It’s Not About Sex
3.   Important Things I’ve Learned One Night Stands
4.   Karma’s not a bitch, she’s actually quite fair
5.   My Rules of Attraction
6.   Never Love Someone More than They Love You…What About the Opposite?
7.   How I Get a Girl to Break Up With Me
8.   Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
9.   Mr. Newlywed’s Story
10. But I Have Rope

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1 to “The Top 10 Posts of 2010”

  1. Black Iris says:

    They have great titles. #8 and #9 are unremarkable titles, but who could skip a piece called “But I Have Rope”?

    The interesting thing to me is that some of the titles are actually quite long, but that didn’t matter to the readers as much as the fact that they were witty and about interesting subjects.

    Anyhow, my take-away is that titles matter.

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