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Bring on the New

New Year's Eve Ball, 1978. Photo credit: The New York Times.

Happy New Year kids. I’ve got lots of fun things planned for the new year (including 2 dates in the next 72 hrs). I wanted to start the year with something new on the blog, because y’know, sometimes I get bored with the status quo. And if I’m bored, I assume you’re bored, too.

So, ta-da, please take note of the new widget (thank you Grooveshark) in the top right corner. It’s currently replacing the Polls widget that was there. That might come back in the future. Might not. I haven’t decided.

Way back in the dark ages (a couple of years ago) when I was on blogspot, I used to have a of the Day.  This won’t be a of the day. Instead, think of it as my random musical thoughts of the week.

This week’s playlist is called Strange Love. And it’s all cover songs. I have a thing for cover songs.

I tried to not be predictable. None of the really obvious ones (except Sid’s version of My Way, couldn’t not do it). Only one Leonard Cohen song and not one of the ones you’d think of (and none of them from I’m Your Fan).  I hope that everyone who checks it out finds at least one song that surprises/amuses/delights them.


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4 to “Bring on the New”

  1. Lucky Girl says:

    You know I love Cover Songs, too, so this is yet another slice of heaven. Nice new feature for a nice new year. Hope your dates are great :-)

  2. Sandyvs says:

    LOVE the songs. I remember the original versons of a lot of them and they were/still are my favs. Now, I’ll be checking in daily for your posts as well as your music. Yes, it looks to be a good year. Thanks

  3. Like covers? Check out Bill Frisell, album, “East-West”.
    The song (track one, Disc One): I heard it through the grapevine.
    and the Bill said, “Thou shalt be moved” and lo, it was good.

  4. Cheapsuits says:

    LOVE your Grooveshark widget– music selection has a lazy Sunday afternoon feel to it. (I too am a cover song junky thats why I love