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“Let’s have a frank discussion about our favorite sexual positions.”

Or maybe not.

I was actually looking for a fun, flirty (ridiculously hilarious) ecard to send to someone when this one caught my eye.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything less sexy than having a frank discussion about with someone I don’t frequently see naked. Someone with whom I’m in an honest and trusting relationship, sure.  I’m all for having a frank discussion of how we might have more/better fun. But as a prelude, with someone I haven’t yet been intimate with?  No way, no how.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I might be in the minority here.  There’s certainly no shortage of people on sites who want to chat about these things with total strangers… Am I wrong?

Anyway, this is one of those posts that started as a poll but then I lost my train of thought. I blame it on the insane amount of crap I’ve eaten in the past few days. Rotting my brain.

I would like to know your thoughts on this – frank sex chat with your partner: yeah or nay? Early on in your relationship or wait until you know each other better? Or maybe you just lay it all out there before the ?

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8 to ““Let’s have a frank discussion about our favorite sexual positions.””

  1. Tina says:

    Early in relationship, but not before first date. Also, no problem discussing among friends.

  2. Cougel says:

    Totally depends on your comfort level with that person. With some guys it flows easily and with some I wouldn’t dare. Depends on the dude and the relationship.

  3. Vinny says:

    I recently went on a date with a guy I met online. He had asked me to come over a few times, but I told him we had to meet first on a date. So, I never had asked him anything about sex since I was so into chemistry at that time. When we finally went on a date, we really clicked and went back to his place. Turns out he had a monster sized package and I am a smaller body frame, so I had to tell him no and we just messed around. Point being, you should ask ahead of time.

  4. Sex is intimacy for some, maintenance for others. It is among the many boundaries we have so little time to set before chemistry, if there is any, takes us for it’s own little ride. Best to slay the yellow tape up front, then we can ease our belts after we have had some time to make a few informed decisions.

  5. i think for the now generation we should have an open mind about that discussion. actually i am confused about the sex. that is it a part of love.?

  6. I think sex talk in the very beginning is a little cheapish. I believe that you must get to know a person before giving up the goods. Keep them wondering for as long as you can. It’s ok to flirt with sexy glances across the table while having dinner. See if the chemistry is there before telling them what you prefer in the bedroom. I’m not a prude by any means and have done my fair share of what NOT to do in the past but if you seriously are looking for someone then don’t tramp it up in the very beginning.

    Once you get to know somebody a little then talk about your sexual desires and yes be open. I wouldn’t want anybody who just does missionary style and doesn’t want to try new things.

  7. Sam says:

    I don’t think I could date a guy who couldn’t talk frankly about sex. I wouldn’t bust it out on the first date, but if it looks like things are heading in that direction, it should be discussed. If a guy keeps quiet about it, I’d think there is something he’s hiding!

  8. ryan says:

    If you talk about the sex positions before the first date, it may give the impression to the other person that you will be having sex at the end of the first date. If you already have had sex with your partner, then discussion about what you like and don’t like in bed can be a fun and interesting conversation. Being a guy, if I was talking to a woman and she said she really likes reverse cowgirl, I would love it. The problem, is with some guys they may think that they are the best in bed and don’t really care what she likes because he thinks that he is already doing what she likes.