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My Gift to You – Best Breakup Songs (Finally!)

Happy Belated Chrismukkah. Does anyone remember waaay back in February when I had that, “Valentine’s Day is OVER” Giveaway contest and everyone wrote in with their favorite breakup (s)? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, I promised to create a playlist with everyone’s fabulous contest entries. It’s 10 months late, but I finally got around to it (and it’s awesome). Thanks to How Very Lucky and her “Oy to the World” Playlist for inspiring me to finally do this.

Here’s Your Best Breakup Songs Mix

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I didn’t use much (any) creativity in the mixing.  It was first come/first listed, and I used every single song entered in the contest except that I only used one song per artist and songs that weren’t available on grooveshark (only 1 or 2) couldn’t be included.* I hope you enjoy it, it was a blast putting it together. It was a great reminder for me that I have the bestest, coolest readers in the blogosphere.

*in additional to my original “entry”, Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars, I added the Roy Orbison/KD Lang version of Crying because it’s awesome.

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7 to “My Gift to You – Best Breakup Songs (Finally!)”

  1. jackie says:

    It’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
    It’s never over, all my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her…
    It’s never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter…
    It’s never over, she’s a tear that hangs inside my soul forever…

    Jeff Buckley: Lover You Should Have Come Over. Breaks my heart every time.

  2. Great work! I was turned on yesterday to Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” – Check it out for a bit of loose “Hell Yes” to jingle in your pocket. Cee Lo just seems to rule, doesn’t he? If I were to go on, I’d have to add XTC, “That’s Really Super, Supergirl” (off Skylarking) – only for pure pop-candy fun, and of course, that XTC brand of hooky lyrical brilliance. Wishing you the best this year!

  3. Jenny says:

    Hey I really like your dating blog. Good job.

  4. bren says:

    Must add Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You to the list. heres a vid on youtube check it out, break up song thats fun & upbeat. most just make u sad or hate the other person! lol

  5. @femmmefatal says:

    you rock but you need “lets get it on” Marvin Gaye;)

  6. roo says:

    I Just made my break up song list. Enjoy!

    Peachy – Missy Higgins
    Labour of Love – Frente!
    Irreplaceable – Beyoncé
    No – Shakira & Gustavo Cerati
    Beautiful Liar – Beyoncé & Shakira
    Fighter – Christina Aguilera
    Feeling Good – Michael Bublé
    Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal) – Fergie
    Special Ones – Katie Noonan
    Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse
    1901 – Phoenix
    So Over You – Ashanti
    Take a Bow – Rihanna
    I’m Not Missing You – Stacie Orrico
    Thank You – Jamelia
    Energy – Keri Hilson

  7. dupao says:

    you said u love me…. today u r sayin dat u r leavin me…. maybe tomorrow u’ll forget ma name… but pliz dont let me end ma life in tryin to forget u…