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“Very Difficult Decision”

It was a couple/few weeks ago while I was still sick.  Coughing lots.  Trying hard to get better.

I posted this update to my facebook.

“Had to make a very difficult decision today. Said no to for another few days, at least. Still not breathing well enough/still coughing. I am VERY COMMITTED to resting so that I can finally get better.”

Not the most difficult decision I’ve had to make this year. Or even in the last month. But I did pause and think about it.

Logic won. I wasn’t breathing well enough for a short walk. I was still in, “taking it easy” mode.  And sex and taking it easy are mutually exclusive for me.

That said, one of my FB friends (and readers of this blog) suggested that this would be a good idea for a . I agree.

I’m breaking this one up by gender folks, ’cause, you know, that’s the assumption (I guess).  That guys would be more likely to want to have sex no matter how sick they were.

So, assume you’re sick and you have the opportunity/desire to have sex (the potential partner could be the love of your life or whoever else you sometimes/frequently get hot and sweaty with).

For the guys:

Do you wait until you're feeling better or have sex while you're sick?

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For the women:

Do you wait until you're feeling better or have sex while you're sick?

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6 to ““Very Difficult Decision””

  1. TurnJacson says:

    I think it comes down to my partner, if they see how sick I am and still want to have sex… Who am I to say no.

  2. ZzZzzz says:

    Having sex, and the act of orgasm, will release endorphins ect. into your body which will boost your immune system….its not the same as going to the gym for a workout….smh

  3. pansophy says:

    Wow, that’s pretty identical. Apparently this should be a question that dating sites ask people to answer. Who wouldn’t want to find someone that’s willing to have sex when sick, or vice versa…

  4. Emma says:

    Patience is a virtue, however patience is not for sex 😉

  5. Black Iris says:

    I’m not sure what I would do because any time I’m sick, my partner is not interested.