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Dear Universe, Please Let the Bedroom Walls Be Thick

So last night I was lying in , exhausted from packing all day, when I heard my next door neighbor sneeze. And then it hit me, OMG please let my new have thick walls.

Please, oh please, oh please.

As I’ve written about before, one of the issues with my current apartment is that is has thin walls.  And an utterly ridiculous next door neighbor who actually thinks it’s acceptable to bang on the wall, in complaint, if I’m having loud sex.

Which leads me to today’s . It’s a re- (because I’m too damn busy working and packing to think of something new).

A while ago, YourTango published a list of the World’s 10 Best and Worst Lovers. I wasn’t surprised (much) by the results. Scotland (I lived in Scotland for a while, a long time ago) came in at number 8 on the worst list.  I’d actually expect them to place lower.  The reason given for their ranking was “too ” (I can think of other reasons they should be on the list).

So is too noisy a bad thing in a lover?  Do you not want to be with someone who makes a lot of noise during (see, I told you there was a question here)?

Today’s poll question:

Is it a turnoff when someone makes a lot of noise during sex?

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8 to “Dear Universe, Please Let the Bedroom Walls Be Thick”

  1. Psycosis says:

    Really it all depends on the sex. You don’t want a screamer when you’re being soft and intimate, but with rough and primal anything but a screamer just seems…off. Over all, some noise is better than a silent as the grave lover in my book.

  2. @femmmefatal says:

    I agree with Psycosis. It depends on the situation completely

  3. TurnJacson says:

    Very interesting…

    I think it depends on the noise but lets face it even if it’s primal and rough… if their really loud it can turn into a distraction.

  4. Jon says:

    If the noises are real, there is no too loud (unless location dictates discretion).

  5. I like hearing my fiancé moan or say, “Fuck, that feels so good!” It tells me he loves the sex. He doesn’t have to scream or anything like that, though. He, on the other hand, likes it when I make a lot of noise. I’ve noticed that most men do. Is this true?

  6. Loud One says:

    I put other because I’m too busy making noise myself to notice. I hate having to use my energy to be quiet. If I’m quiet without an effort, I’m not that into it.

  7. Eschelle says:

    My hubby is super quiet and i’m super loud… I can say that I would like it if he “spoke up a bit” in bed lol.

  8. Charlotte says:

    I think it all depends on the situation and on the kinds of noises. Moaning, screaming, or dirty talk can all be sexy in the right situation… but someone who is wailing like a siren would probably kill the moment for me 😉