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A Quickie from the Sick Chick

So I’m still .  Yeah, really.  I finally got to the doctor yesterday.  Seems my, “no fever = not really ” theory was a load of bullshit. So I was sent home with a stack of prescriptions and directions to call back in 3 days if I wasn’t starting to feel better and to come back in 2 weeks.  Note to self – it is not normal to have a “cold” that causes you to cough nonstop for over a 10 days.

Anyway, this whole sick reminded me of how I first got into . And so I figured I’d tell you about that today. I hope I haven’t already written this story.  My mind is good for shit, right now.

It was over 10 years ago and I’d recently been promoted to a position that paid 50% more than what I’d been earning just a year earlier. Needless to say, I took my very seriously.  I was a total workaholic and so when I got sick with what I thought was the flu, I just ignored it. I continued to go to and marathon days, even as I got sicker and sicker. Until finally I realized that it might be more than the flu, so I made an appt with my doctor.

I had a wicked cough.  And somehow, the night before my appt with my doctor, I managed to cough so hard that I blew a hole in one of my eardrums.  I have no idea how rare that it. Maybe it happens to people all of time?  I had no idea what happened at the time.  I was lying in bed, coughing, when suddenly I felt a sharp pain and then wet on my pillow.  Yuck, TMI details. Anyway, the next morning I got myself to the doctor and walked into her office to hear (I still remember this), “You look like shit.”

I had pneumonia, with a high fever and a busted ear drum. She wanted to hospitalize me but I refused to go.  So instead I agreed to 3 weeks bed rest.  I’d built up the sick time, at work. It shouldn’t have been an issue. I promised to have friends take care of me, do my shopping, everything.  Just to lie at home and recuperate.

So later that day I called work and explained what was going on. My boss freaked. They couldn’t live without me for 3 weeks. They asked if I would be willing to do some work from bed and since I didn’t have  a laptop they offered to send one to me via messenger.

Which they did. And I ended up working from bed. With pneumonia.

As I started to get better, stronger, I started to go completely stir crazy and figured I might as well use the laptop to keep myself entertained.  This was a long time ago.  There really weren’t all that many entertaining things online.  But there was .com.  And I was kinda desperate to start dating again. My workaholic lifestyle had taken its toll on my social life and it had been (at least) a year since my last date.  So I got myself registered with .com and within a week had found myself a new guy.

Of course, we couldn’t meet until I was feeling better.  Our first date was actually at my apt (foolish of me, I know, I’d never do that now).  I was still officially apt bound and he offered to come by and keep me company. And he was a total gentleman (and cuter than I’d imagined ).

Wow, that was a lot longer of a story than I thought it would be.  Not a quickie.  Sorry for the false advertising.

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5 to “A Quickie from the Sick Chick”

  1. Katie says:

    Wow. I totally understand what you say about wanting to go the extra mile, even if you don’t feel so great. I think its sorta comical you decided to go on with the laptop the messenger sent over for work purposes.

    But then again I would probably do the same thing. Nobody would be able to monitor me I guess 😛

  2. Sandyvs says:

    That’s a good story, Simone. I enjoyed reading that. It also shows how one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re hooked on the sweet allure of the internet.
    Take care of yourself. I’m looking forward to some more good stories.

  3. IntrigueMe says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I had H1N1 last November and was down and out for an entire month- not allowed to go to work. The good news though, is that I haven’t had a cold since! I used to get at least a bit of a cold every season.

  4. first date at your place? how risque of you.

  5. Sam says:

    Well I hope you feeling better now, great read.

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