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Yet Another Way to Destroy a Relationship…Debt

Happy Labor Day Weekend folk.  And sorry, my non- readers, you’re probably sick of hearing about it. I know you don’t get the whole Labor Day thing. There’s no real significance to the holiday anymore (seriously, as a nation we’re pretty damn hostile to labor) but it’s the 3-day weekend that traditionally marks the end of the summer. It’s kind of a big deal.

I was thinking of taking today off, but then I saw this piece in the times and couldn’t help myself: How Debt Can Destroy a Budding Relationship. Wow, it was depressing.  And also made me seriously think, what would I do if the guy I adored had 250K worth of debt and he really, REALLY wanted to get hitched.  Honestly, I have no idea.  Does that make me a bad person?

I’ve been pretty lucky insofar as debt goes, I guess.  My parents insisted I go to a state school for my BA.  They were adamant that taking out massive student loans would be bad (and I remember my dad saying that I could do what I wanted for grad school, which was something I knew I’d want to do, even way back in high school).  So I have loans from grad school (which are almost gone – hurray) and other stuff (which I’m determined to make go away within the next couple of years) but was never anything like 175K in debt. SCARY.

Anyway, something for folks to mull over.

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3 to “Yet Another Way to Destroy a Relationship…Debt”

  1. Hi,
    I’m your Canadian neighbor – we have labour day as well woohoo! I was married to a man who had a lot of debt – and not to be shallow – but I would never do it again. It impacts everything from getting a credit card to buying a house. And once your married – his debt, is your debt. Never again.

  2. IntrigueMe says:

    Another Canadian here, who also enjoyed the Labour Day long weekend! I have to agree with itsybitsyknitsy in marrying debt- my ex fiance was very bad with money and I suffered significantly because of it. I am not almost debt free (I don’t think a vehicle loan should be seen as *bad* debt) and when I get married, I’ll be getting a pre-nup if he has a lot of debt.

  3. Aplus says:

    I have recently made that mistake, where i have never had debt in my life now we sit with mountains of it, never again will i be so dilly.