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Do You Kiss And Tell?

I remember being asked by an IRL friend, after he checked out this blog for the first time, “Where’s the ?”.  It’s a valid question. I write about in a vague and general way. As a theme. But I never give the juicy details.

That’s a conscious I’ve made, based on what I am (and am not) comfortable with disclosing.

So the blog stays PG-13 instead of getting X-rated.

The thing is, it’s not just the blog. I don’t really give anyone the juicy details. Ever. I don’t ‘Kiss and Tell’. Never have.  And I’ve always hated it when other people do. I can’t really look someone in the eye, guy or girl, after hearing their sig. other give the specifics of what they DO together. It’s just so ick.

What about you?  

Do you share the intimate details of your sex life with your friends?

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8 to “Do You Kiss And Tell?”

  1. Katie says:

    I don’t really kiss and tell about my sex escapades with my man (when I have one) as its an intimate thing between him and I.

    I always follow the rule of Respect and to keep this stuff to myself.

  2. Jolene says:

    I would say it depends – I have a few friends that I totally dish to, while I have others that either a) hate hearing the details generally or b) are judgmental that way.

  3. Terry says:

    For most people, except the couple involved – it is boring. For those who do kiss and tell – -I suspect they are rather narcissistic.
    Instead of kissing and telling- better to spend more time kissing

  4. TurnJacson says:

    It all depends on the level of care you have about the person. If I’m intimate with someone on a consistent basis and I really care about them and value their feelings. I won’t kiss and tell.

    If it’s a booty call, someone you mess around with from time to time, a one night stand… that for the most part is open for discussion.

  5. For some reason, I draw a line between relationship sexytimes details and one-time hook-up details when you’re single. I think when you’re single, hooking up with a dude is (for me, anyway) a rare enough event that I’m usually bursting to talk about it. And I know I like it when my other single girlfriends share their rare and brilliant stories.

    However, when a pair has hooked up more than a few times or when they’re in any sort of official relationship, there’s a greater chance of my actually interacting with the dude, which makes the kiss & tell awkward.

    My other exception is when girls bring up specific details from their sex lives just as examples in broader discussions. Like if one friend is having an issue in her sex life and is wondering if she’s abnormal or doing something wrong, I’m a big fan of a little girltalk TMI to help contextualize her issue. If TMI helps people feel more secure as sexual beings then, dude, it’s a good thing in my book.

  6. Sharon says:

    I have one super-close girlfriend (I think we were the same person in a previous life!) and we’ll share sexy details in living color, but that’s it. I don’t feel comfortable at all kissing and telling with anyone else. Besides, when I’m in an intimate relationship, I want those physical times to be like a sweet, special secret that my man and I share with only one another.

  7. Ian says:

    What Terry said.

  8. Jeff says:

    I’m with TurnJacson on this one but generally speaking amongst close friends, really intimate details are always kept under wraps.