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Attn Interwebs, I’m “In a Relationship”

No not me.

Since we’re on the topic of facebook, one of the little things I find fascinating (read – bizarre) is how some people choose to keep their relationship status private and others make it public.  And then, amongst those who make it public, there are people who name names (I am in a relationship with John Smith) vs those who keep it vague (I am in a relationship PERIOD).

I’m sure each and every person has their individual reasons for the they make. And I’m not judging. I just find it all a bit bizarre.

And, well, I can’t imagine having that conversation with a new boyfriend/.  “Hey, darling, I was thinking of changing my relationship status on . Would you be cool with that?”

Seriously surreal.

So, today’s might be kinda lame but I’m really curious.  Do you publicly post your relationship status?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, in addition to the multiple choice answers. WHY do you or don’t you?

Do you publicly post your relationship status on facebook?

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12 to “Attn Interwebs, I’m “In a Relationship””

  1. I’m single right now (awesome), but was in a four-year relationship and posted it publicly on facebook. The conversation was cute-awkward. The slightly more surreal conversation was agreeing when to remove the relationship on facebook one we’d broken up. We didn’t want to do it right away, because I wanted a few days of peace before people asked questions. It turned out to be pretty cute, though: we were on the phone, and de-relationshipped each other at the same time, like turning keys on a nuclear submarine.

  2. Azarel says:

    When I first started using facebook (2007ish) I found it completely normal posting my relationship status on my profile (i mean, what could possibly go wrong right?). However, as time progressed, and facebook started to become ridiculously overpopulated by nosey people, deciding to keep my personal life to myself wasn’t something I needed to think twice about

  3. Sandyvs says:

    I’m single now, but if I was in a relationship I would post that I was, but nothing else. What REALLY cracks me up (or as you said, find fascinating) is when people proclaim their love for their partner on Facebook. Not only do I always think, ‘gag me’, but a few of those relationships are in serious trouble. Maybe they are actually fooling themselves…..

  4. Kate Morris says:

    I used to do that, and the other person was in the internet marketing business. The break up tore me apart, and I didn’t need more people asking me what happened. So Facebook will not be updated again in that respect until I am engaged and married. I just don’t show anything. It’s no one’s business but my own. Kinda the downside of speaking publicly. I’m not famous in any form of the word, but those people in my industry just don’t need to know. And neither do the people I went to HS and College with … only when it’s serious (ring) will I do that again.

  5. Sequel says:

    I once posted my relationship status on Facebook. I had this sinking feeling the minute I did it and sure enough it was the kiss of death for that relationship.

  6. TurnJacson says:

    What cracks me up are people who go from in a relationship, to it’s complicated, to single.

    Do we really need a play by play on your relationship?? No, not really!! If i was in a relationship I’d consider just putting in a relationship instead of having the persons name.

    Lets face it, people creep facebook and once they see more than 3-4 pictures of you and a person of the opposite sex, they assume that’s your significant other.

    • I did that when I was separated, but only because instead of putting ‘single’ I wanted to put ‘it’s complicated’. Only later did I find out ‘its complicated’ actually refers to a relationship. Why can’t I be single and complicated? But yeah, I don’t think I would announce it until it was pretty dang serious. Right now it says nothing.

  7. Mama Gayle says:

    When I was going through a divorce, (which drug on for 2 years), I put on facebook that I was in a relationship, it’s comlicated. Because it WAS very complicated (mentally and physically), and I was dating someone else too.

    Now that I am divorced finally, I never bothered to change it, but if I did, I don’t think I would advertise who I was dating (he doesn’t have a facebook/ or use a computer anyway) because people are nosey enough as it is.

    Another thing, no matter what you put on there, some guys still have the nerve to continually hit on you anyway!!

  8. Black Iris says:

    I’m married so I didn’t have to ask permission to post my relationship status. I like posting my status because I’m happy about it. I also don’t want to deal with anyone hitting on me, just in case. I don’t put my husband’s name because I’m paranoid about privacy. I wouldn’t want him to post my name because he has lots of business “friends” and I’m still paranoid about privacy.

  9. Taylor Cast says:

    I have nothing posted for my relationship status. Because frankly it’s no one’s business. The people who need to know already know what my relationship status is. Also I agree with the above comment, it has been the kiss of death when I’ve publicly posted it in the past.

  10. Sophie says:

    I have nothing posted as my relationship status. FB is a mixture of friends, relatives, and coworkers. My personal relationships understand up front that I am a very private person and what, and whom, I do my after affairs with, are kept private. For more of our enjoyment then a bothersome hundred friends asking the other how the person is doing, rather then approach the person themselves.

  11. Mhlia says:

    I’m married… and got married before I ever had a FB page. I do list my relationship and my husband’s name. But I also keep my FB page very private (someone has to send me a message in order to become my friend); so its been easy for friends I’ve reconnected with to see without having to ask lots of questions and well… I have no intentions of getting divorced, so knock on wood we won’t ever have to have that “talk”. Were I anything other than married, I probably wouldn’t list my relationship status.