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Speaking of Sex Toys…

Seriously, these things just show up in my inbox. And this was just too, wow, not to share. My longtime readers know I’m a total data .

So much fun info: 20% of adults report indulging in kinky play; 20% of men report using ; Alaska buys the most per capita…  Sarah Palin would be shocked!

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3 to “Speaking of Sex Toys…”

  1. Sandyvs says:

    I’m going to be dropping some hints about the white gold one for a Xmas present…….

  2. That is hilarious! Would never have thought to compile statistical data on sex toys.

    The very best sex toys, though, still come attached, and men and women share one of them – the imagination. Read what comes from mine when I let it go to work on a woman who dreams of “going deeper,” ventures into the cougar’s den and lets “friending” an old flame on Facebook wreck havoc on a perfect life. The story is unfolding as we speak at

    Read alone or with a partner and see how your sex toys respond…. enjoy!