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Call It a Vacation If You Must

Call It a Vacation If You Must i am not a role model  It was kinda weird.  I was talking with a friend the other day and she asked me about my dating life.  As if I had one.

And I so don’t.  It’s been over a month since I’ve been out with anyone other than the Sunday Boy.  Actually, I have no idea how long it’s been. I’d have to look through the blog to check.

It’s also been over a month since I’ve checked in with .com. I know I have an full of messages. And all of those guys have now assumed I’m not interested as most of those messages are weeks old. Many, many weeks.

None of this was conscious. It’s not like I said, I need a dating vacation. Or made the decision to not date. I just haven’t. Instead, I’ve been caught up in the other parts of my life.  And quite frankly, those other parts of my life have been pretty damn overwhelming lately.

This morning I woke up (2 hours late, because I just turned off the alarm when it went off) and staggered to the bathroom, where I stared at the mirror in disbelief.  My whole face is swollen, specifically because I’ve been eating tons of the types of foods that make me sick.  And, just for good measure, my arms and legs are covered in blotches and hives. I’m all red and puffy and icky and repulsive and… so what.  I have no time to date and I’ve made myself undateable.  Those poptarts tasted good.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  This is what happens on Fridays.  Here is my point, all of this doesn’t mean shit.  Really. All it means is that I’m stressed out. Completely stressed out.  Too stressed out to think much about ME. Funny coming from a person who writes about her own life, but… I have no plan, no idea when this “break” will be over.  I just need to get through the next few weeks as best as I can, without doing any major damage to my health.   And then, when the smoke clears, I’ll be more ready to think about what I want and where I am.

It all comes down to this -> I like men. REALLY like men. But I see men/a man as a complement to my functional life. Someone who adds to me. Not completes me.  And right now, I’m just not all that functional. Who am I kidding, I’m not functional at all.  I’ve been living on poptarts and I look like a blotchy lobster.

So when I’m ready, when my life is working for me again, that’s when I’ll date.

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6 to “Call It a Vacation If You Must”

  1. Leah says:

    lol i had no idea lobsters ate poptarts! take a break, u deserve it :)

  2. Sometimes you need to take a dating break, consciously taken or otherwise ;)

  3. Catherine says:

    Good luck with your dating break. You deserve it – dating and just living life is friggin’ hard work! Take care of yourself :)

  4. Dennis Hong says:

    But now you have the perfect pickup line (well, okay, only if he’s a Friends geek)….

    “I can be your loooooobster!”

  5. Sam says:

    Dating vacations are important. Sometimes you just need time to focus solely on yourself! I know exactly how you feel. When you’re stressed, or feeling unhealthy, or just tired, it’s not a good time to be meeting new people trying to make a good impression.

  6. Aplus says:

    Taking a break is just what you need by the sounds of it. Healing takeds time. Remember just be true to yourself.