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How Did You Make That Happen?

A short thought for this morning as I’m supposed to be at Blogher right now – often, I’m asked by people (both here on the , in emails, and in person), “how did you make that happen?”   As in, how did you end up with this whole Sunday Boy (aka The Younger Man) thing?

As with most things, there’s no simple answer.  And even the long answer isn’t really accurate.  The is, things were going in a direction (us not getting serious, him not turning into a boyfriend) and I decided to shut and see what else might happen (instead of doing what I normally do, which is cut and run when it’s clear there’s no future).  This is where things landed.

And so things are where they are.  Until they aren’t.

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1 to “How Did You Make That Happen?”

  1. misspinkles says:

    not everything needs an answer.
    sometimes the beauty of not knowing how it happened is best.