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Teen Love

Teen Love i am not a role model  1211151 79227128 300x200Teen love… I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. I can’t get Saturday Boy out of my head. I never experienced it. That wasn’t the hand I was dealt.

I’ve been thinking lately about the fact that I really did come to this whole love and thing pretty late in life. I dated as an adolescent (OK, “date” would not be the correct term.  I fooled around and wasted time with boys.) but never had anything close to a functional until my early 20s. I’m not up to (re) writing the hows and whys today. It’s all here. Note:  I just used “SINgleGIRL” as a nickname when I first started the blog, and the old comments aren’t neat and tidy.  Sorry.

And then I fell in love with a very inappropriate man and spent most of my 20s trying to make an impossible situation work. Or dreaming about it. I’m not sure which.

But my point, if I have one, is that so many people fall in love when they’re young.  Deeply in love.  I have an old friend who’s (still) married to her high school boyfriend.  My grandparents met as kids and were together their whole lives.  Most young love doesn’t last forever, but at least people have the opportunity to learn from it. Grow.

I didn’t start learning and growing until much later.

I’m not sure what any of that means.  If anything.  I just can’t get that song out of my head.


8 to “Teen Love”

  1. @lena_fm says:

    I think it greatly depends on the culture, on what one expects from falling in love. Two generations ago, it was marriage, more or less. If you fell in love in high school, then you found your love and then you get married afterwards. Today the projected outcome (media based anyway, back then and now) is different. I think this is the only difference. I have been constantly in love with somebody starting age 12. :-)

    • Simone Grant says:

      Yes, culture and generation play a big part in it (as they do with just about everything). But wow, since you were 12? Hmm. I can’t even imagine that.

  2. SoloAt30 says:

    I fell in love my senior year in high school. I was forced to make adult decisions that were way too big for me to consider. In the end, I chose me…as a kid, to grow, to make mistakes, to experiment with life. I loved my boyfriend, but I needed the experience of college across the country to become the me I am today. We had 2.5 wonderful years together. It just wasn’t meant to be forever, no matter how beautiful the words and moments we shared were.

    • Simone Grant says:

      I know many women who made the opposite choice, some who lived to regret it and some who didn’t. In the end, you did the right thing for you.

  3. Sandyvs says:

    Nothing to add about the ‘love’ bit, but I’ve heard that if you sing the song in your head all the way to the end, it will leave. If that doesn’t work, wait till someone mentions a song you HATE. Then you won’t be able to get that one out of your head.

  4. Catherine says:

    I met my ex when I was 18, and found myself with him for 7 years and almost married him this summer (we cancelled the wedding). It wasn’t right, for a lot of reasons, including some dealbreakers I found out late in the game. So, now I’m 25 and starting over – and to be honest, sometimes I feel like I still have the dating maturity of an 18 year old. I never learned the tricks of the trade. I was just with this one man for my entire adult life. I guess it’s never too late to figure it all out? That’s what I’m hoping anyway.