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Lucky You

is a funny thing.  I believe in it, strongly (if that makes sense).

I also believe that bad things sometime happen to good people.  That deserves can be a very dangerous word. And that the LOA is full of shit.  Oh, and to steal from Conan, if you work hard and are nice to people, amazing things will happen. Maybe.  No guarantees.

All of this babbling leads me to 2 SHORT short stories.

  1. Last night as I was getting ready for my date (it was a good one, details another time) I tweeted that I was getting ready for my date.  And someone replied something like, ‘you have a date, good for you’.  And it took all of my self control to not reply, “Luck had nothing to do with it.  I work hard at dating.” Because I do.  I put a lot of effort into that part of my life.  It doesn’t just magically happen that I have a bunch of dates, this week and next.  I MADE IT HAPPEN.
  2. I was talking with a friend about his job.  His great job.  And I said something about how he should be proud of himself. That he worked hard to get where he is.  And he said no. It was luck.  He was in the right place at the right time with the right skills and experience.  And he wasn’t going to take his good luck for granted.  Things could have worked out differently.

Sometimes you work hard and luck is on your side.  And sometimes it’s not.  I guess.

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3 to “Lucky You”

  1. Terry says:

    The harder I work, the luckier I get

  2. black iris says:

    Luck is what you make of it. Some people do more to get themselves in the right place at the right time. Some people are better at taking advantage of opportunities. You can’t create luck, but you can improve your chances of getting lucky.

  3. Dazediva says:

    Very thought provoking. Luck – I think is funny thing .. if you keep faith in what you do; and just put your energies into it – I think it ropes in Luck .. all those positive energies have to do some good right ?
    If one is just gonna sit there and do nothing about their life; luck isn’t just gonna knock on the door and sort everything out.