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Get a Room

So the other night I was out, having a perfectly pleasant night with friends, when I noticed a couple getting rather intimate in public just a few feet away.  They were kissing and touching and, really, it looked like they were a few minutes away from dry humping right there in the restaurant.


We were all grown ups and so no one said anything.  But I was dying to scream, “get a room” and I’m sure others were, too.  Suffice it to say, I would NEVER behave like that. Again.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not an absolutist on this issue.  I think that some forms of are just fine. Handholding is OK (although sitting in a restaurant and holding hands at the table makes me uncomfortable). Kissing out on the street at the end of a date is fine. Just as long as it doesn’t get too handsy. That belongs inside. Kissing in a bar or restaurant can be acceptable as long as it’s quick. I don’t like to be a scene. Gosh, I sound like a all of a sudden. How the hell did that happen?

Those are my issues.  And, to be honest, I actually like it when the guy I’m dating loathes all PDA. It makes it easier in some ways.

So what about you?  Are you cool with smooching in public?

Do you like to participate in public displays of affection (PDA)?

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5 to “Get a Room”

  1. Terry says:

    Ah public displays of affection – often happens when people have had too much alcohol, or have some dis-inhibition of their frontal cortex. I am not a prude- ok, maybe I am a prude. Wasn’t always that way- probably like most when I saw others doing what I did- I didn’t like it.
    So – leave the PDA for the back of the Chevy, doorstep, Lover’s Lane, or the cheap motel room. Oh wait- where do we check out the lips? Well – doesn’t matter – I don’t want to see it. Oh and the BJ in the parking lot– that is just either too much alcohol or your brain has had damage from birth (save that for the front seat of the Chevy).

  2. Elena says:

    I just got back from Europe where I had quite a culture shock from PDA. What a word? PDA!In Europe it happens everywhere, every hour of the day. And it seems like natural there, people don’t even notice it. In US you always hear ‘get a room’ even for a slight kiss in the elevator. You gotta know when is too much.

  3. AlphaFox says:

    I confess – that was probably me. My friend took me out, I had 7 glasses of champagne and was mourning the loss of my dog from 2 days ago when i met this cute guy on fri nite. conversation lead to dancing, dancing lead to kissing and then kissing lead to dry humping on the sofa (until management told us to knock it off). I am normally not like that and do not care much of seeing it from others. At almost 42 I am embarrassed to say I acted like I was 16 and woke up the next morning with a swollen bottom lip (he bit it hard) and hickeys all over my neck. Obvs my tolerance for pain was really high that night.

  4. Lena.FM says:

    I totally, wholeheartedly *participate*! I even love it when other people do it. I saw a marvelous couple on the train, it was so beautiful I smiled all the way. :-)

  5. Dazediva says:

    I’m fine with PDA depending on where it takes place. I used to manage night clubs in London and would never really encourage my boyfriends’ to kiss me in front of the club staff as I was their manager for the night. If its just me and the man out for a night out together (with none of my clubs in sight) then I’m happy about the PDA (but nothing close to dry humping ! that’s just too much for me)

    A couple of months ago I met a man at a bar, we spoke, text, went out once, went out a 2nd time (to the same bar we met at) and whilst dancing he decides to swoop in for a kiss .. it was a no-no from me because we were dancing right in front of the DJ booth where I knew the Dj’s and the head of security. Had to tell the guy to back down (to which he thought I was embarrassed of him) and then explain why I don’t appreciate having people I know – know my personal business.