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SATC2 – Sorry, No

SATC2   Sorry, No just a story  sex and the city 2 300x246First some things, all of which have been mentioned before, but I think they’re worth repeating:

I didn’t watch the original series when it first came out.  Honestly, I don’t have cable TV. Don’t watch much TV. I don’t think this makes me an intellectual or superior in any way. If anything, I’m sure that if I had cable I’d spend dozens of hours each week watching crap that I don’t even like. Not having cable makes that impossible.

Instead I watch the newshour when I can catch it, a couple of other random things, and then a bunch of things on hulu and netflix. Things I go out of my way to see.

SATC didn’t make it to my netflix queue until I started to think about the blog.  It seemed like something I should watch. I did, eventually watch all of the seasons and honestly, I didn’t love it.

That was an understatement.  I didn’t even like most of it.  There were a half dozen episodes that really spoke to me a single woman who actually lived in and dated in .  The rest…  didn’t.  In fact, I was more than a little repulsed by much it.  They weren’t woman I’d want to know, would want to be friends with.  And, I know this won’t make sense to many people, I don’t live in their .  My New York is very different place than theirs.  Bigger, louder, dirtier, messier, poorer, more diverse, and much less predictable.  They lived in a tiny bubble.  A itty bitty, tiny bubble that makes New York seem far more glamorous and exciting than it actually is. I think my city is way more interesting.

Anyway, I wasn’t a fan.  As for the fashion, well, I’d rather spend the afternoon shopping with a friend or flipping through fashion magazines.

I didn’t see the first movie and I have no intention of seeing the sequel.  So why am I writing this? Because I’ve been asked about it repeatedly since it came out.  I guess I’m expected to go see it?

Sorry, no.

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8 to “SATC2 – Sorry, No”

  1. Here here.

    For reasons that remain a complete mystery to me I was given the first season on DVD for my birthday many years ago. I’d caught a few eps here and there, mostly because I have a mini crush on . Kristin Davis.

    Bewildered but intrigued, I watched Season 1. I ended up hoping against hope that all four women would die horrible, lonely deaths.

    I have lived in this town just about my entire life and that planet they live on is not New York. And their problems are so self inflicted and petty that I just hate them. HATE them.

    • Jacci says:

      Relax, it’s just a TV show! If it was about YOUR New York, it probably wouldn’t be as successful or interesting to the masses. There is no harm in having NYC, and the show’s characters, over-dramatized in a *fictional* depiction of dating life.

  2. Black Iris says:

    I enjoyed watching the series, but was always perplexed that any single woman would like it. It seemed to me to make their life seem so miserable.

  3. I love the fantasy of the SATC series and the first movie was okay. DONT GO SEE THIS ONE!! It was horrible.

  4. Just a girl says:

    *raises hand in agreement* I did enjoy the show, for what it was…a made up version of life in new york city. I mean if I looked at it through a true New York gal’s eye…I wouldn’t have been able to watch.

  5. Sandyvs says:

    Well, I’m going to go mostly with Silent Scorpion and say I LOVED the series, thought the first movie was ok, but REALLY enjoyed the 2nd movie. Of course it’s not real, but a LOT, in fact a WHOLE lot of the issues they dealt with are very real to women all over the country. I also feel the same way about Desperate Housewives (even though I haven’t seen it in a long time). The story lines are so unbelievable, yet what happens in so many of the episodes actually do happen in real life.
    So, back to the movie. The Friday it came out, 7 of us women went to lunch, ordered cosmos, and all were totally entertained for the almost 2 hour movie. It was a fun afternoon with friends.

  6. Sky says:

    That is funny, I have been asked the same thing endlessly. Probably because I just went on 50 dates in 50 days and wrote about it. ( I have to say, I got a kick out of the series but that was before I had dated all these men. I don’t live in NY, but I have to agree that their dating lives are far more glamorous and exciting than reality. If reality were full of wine drinking evenings, fancy clothes, and endless parties, I probably wouldn’t have gone on 50 dates in the first place.

  7. dating says:

    I like SATC very much,I don’t watch it on TV as well,I watch it on the net