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There was a time, back in the 70s, when my parents had a Memorial Day party every year.  It was their holiday.  All of the neighbors would come over for a barbeque.  One of the other neighbors had the 4th of July. And someone else had Labor Day, etc.

They were basically block parties, I guess.  And each holiday had a different host.

Very Dream.

A lot about my childhood is fuzzy. My memory is, in general, good for shit.  Much of my childhood is one big haze. But I remember those parties.  Fondly.

Not that I ever wanted that.  The suburban thing. But the community of it… They’re good memories.

Anyway, I was talking with friends yesterday over about a note I’d received not too long ago from a reader. She (the reader) was struggling, it seemed, to be and stay happy even though life hadn’t turned out the way she wanted.  The day to day was easy enough.  But , birthdays, milestones left her with a sense of emptiness.  An acute sense of things not being “right”.

I understood and know that sometimes I fall victim to that same emptiness.  Luckily, with me, it usually doesn’t last long.

When it comes down to it, I don’t really know anyone whose life turned out the way they thought it would.  Even the friends who seem to have everything they could possibly want.  Life’s funny that way, I guess.

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1 to “Holiday”

  1. Dazediva says:

    Life is quite funny like that. No matter how much it seems like everyone around you has their sh*t together, they’re pretty likely missing ‘something’. We can never get everything we want, but we sure as hell can make the most of what we have.

    So if it means feeling a bit empty every now and then; feel that feeling and let it pass; if it doesn’t – do something that will take your mind of it and get on with the rest of your day.