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And Life Continues…

OK, let’s see if we can get this blog back on track.  I know that I’ve barely been for the past week-ish. But, that’s all about to change.


First off, let’s talk about the non-bonanza.

I decided that I wanted to slide into 40 quietly.  Without any big bang. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have an awesome birthday.

I started the day with a spa day.  My good friends over at Spa Week sent me for a much needed workaholic relief massage + facial at enliven body works. I LOVED the workaholic massage.  It was a 60 minutes hot stone massage followed by 30 minutes of reflexology.  Very cool.

I chose one of their anti-aging facials (even though everyone there very sweetly kept on insisting that I looked MUCH younger than 40) and later, at my official birthday celebration, my friends said that my face was glowing.

Speaking of the official birthday celebration, my plans changed again (and again?), when I still wasn’t feeling well just days before my birthday. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to stay up late (which turned out to be true).  In the end, I went out with a small group of old and new friends to a one of my favorites bar/restaurants that happens to just be a few blocks from my apartment. And I was home way before midnight.

I’m sorry if that sounds dull.  It wasn’t.  It was actually lovely.  Sitting and talking and and spending quality time with people who I know and adore.  No twitter, no facebook, no blog – just me and some friends and some really good food and drink.

So that was that.  And now I’m actually on a working vacation.  I’ll be out of town for a couple/few weeks.  But I’ll be blogging the whole time and I promise to get back into it.

Speaking of which, expect a post later today.  I gotta catch you on on the online dating thing.

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7 to “And Life Continues…”

  1. anny says:

    your birthday day sounded lovely! looking forward to your dating updates! just got back online myself… big sigh…online dating after 40 is not fun. (not to be a downer.) if you’re pondering topics to write on in upcoming weeks….. here’s a story that might provoke some thought. i met a single gal-pal for breakfast this morning, at which time i shared with her that i’d gotten back on match…a few moments later she made a comment about “people like you [me] who don’t want to be alone” … that bugged me. it’s not that i don’t want to be alone – it’s that i do want to be with someone….as i drove away from our meeting, i was thinking about what she said, and decided there is a distinct difference between people who want to be in a relationship (committed, married, or otherwise) and people don’t want to be alone. (the latter label seeming derogatory). i want to be in a relationship, thus i’m on match looking for a … well, a match…i’m taking action. i did not choose to get on match because i want to avoid lonliness. i’m ok with being alone, but i would prefer to do life with someone (male) alongside. would love to hear your thoughts if you’re so inclined to write about it….

    • Lisa says:

      Anny- I can really relate to your comment because I also have a “gal-pal” who always has some very unpleasant comments to make on regarding my life. Perhaps I could express to her how uncomfortble her comments make me feel, but, long term, I realize that she is a person who has a very negative outlook on life, is unhappy,etc and, as long as I choose to spend time with her, will always have the “ugly/black” point of view. Although we do share things in common, I am seriously considering ending the friendship.
      As to the comment your friend made, I must ask-what is wrong with not wanting to be alone?? I read your above thoughts, but really you owe no one a rationalization!
      My mother was divorced at about 50, is now 65. She has had numerous boyfriends and now is very happy with someone who is proving to her “best and last.” They met online. Although, my mom has a good job, lots of friends, two kids, etc,she joined Jdate because “she did not want to alone.” And that is that!!

      • Simone Grant says:

        Would you ladies mind if I turned this VERY SMART and relevant comment thread into a future post? I want to make sure that everyone reads it.

        • Lisa says:

          Hi Simone, there is two themes in our comments- defining “being alone” as well as toxic friendships and letting other people’s negative comments get to you. Would love to hear your thoughts on both, but especially the latter. I myself have far too often let the issues, and resulting negative comments, of others get me down!

  2. Jolene says:

    It doesn’t sound dull at all! Sounds quite blissful ;-) And I am looking forward to the dating update!!