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I Needed a Laugh

Today’s post is a rerun. Sorry, I’ve done that a few times lately…

I’m not able to write/haven’t been able to.

When I thought of what I wanted to do about it, I thought I might skip today. And then I decided that since I needed a laugh, I’d repost something funny.

But I Have Rope

So yesterday I mentioned a dinner party.  At some point in the evening we got to talking about online dating, I don’t remember how. Anyway, we shared stories of people who used old pictures, lied about their height – all the usual stuff.

My story, I think, had them all beat.  It was a Saturday afternoon. A in my neighborhood.  The man arrived and was clearly 5-10 years older than his picture and creepy.  He just has this vibe that made me want to run away.  But I have manners, so I stayed and made polite chit-chat for about 10-15 minutes.  And then I said that it was meeting him and it was so very kind of him to come to my ‘hood but I was thinking we weren’t a good match and I was going to head home. His reply, “but I have rope in my bag”.

click here the rest of the story.

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