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Breakup Day

Breakup Day just a story  616825 41538946 300x225It was a lovely weekend in .  It was sunny and not too warm. Perfect for long walks, alone or otherwise.

I was out, enjoying a long walk, when I couldn’t help but notice a couple having a tense argument. They weren’t shouting. In fact, their voices were barely raised at all. But there was something in their body language, the way she had her arms crossed in front of her, the way he leaned in, that said argument. I noticed it from several yards away.

As I got closer, I couldn’t keep myself from listening in. She was saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing this today.” It was Mother’s Day.

He replied, “I told you I didn’t want to talk about this today. You’re the one who insisted we talk about it.”

I was passing them, then.  The last thing I heard was her saying, “I wanted to talk.  I didn’t want you to break up with me.”

I thought, wow, I’ve been there.

Fast forward about a forty minutes. I’m still walking. Trying to clear my head (and to avoid the spring cleaning I was supposed to be doing). I see another couple arguing. This time it’s more obvious. They were loud.  Shouting.

I wasn’t in the slightest bit curious as to what they were talking about. There’s something about shouting (especially publicly) that repels me.  I started to walk faster.  As did, it seemed, many people. They were in the middle of a busy sidewalk, screaming at each other.

I’ve always been bad at ending . I wholeheartedly admit that. And I’m not passing judgment here. Sometimes things happen at the wrong time, wrong place.  I’m sure that, in hindsight, neither of these couples would want their fights/? to happen out on the street.

But then, I usually don’t plan my fights/breakups.  Rather, they just happen.  Like a bad accident.  A car wreck.

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9 to “Breakup Day”

  1. Fawkes says:

    “… next to Valentine’s Day, your gal is most likely to decide to cheat on you on Mother’s Day.”


    I broke up with my first girlfriend over the phone because she wouldn’t let me hang up without telling her why “we need[ed] to talk.” At least it wasn’t public. Breakups suck.

  2. That sucks…those things can never be planned, and its never the right time.

    • Simone Grant says:

      Nope, never the right time. If there is one, I’d like to know about it. Sidenote – I’ve ended 2 relationships either right one or within days of New Years Eve. Don’t know what that’s about.

  3. All women say they’re no good at ending relationships, but in reality they’re all REALLY good at it. The cord gets cut and you’re left on the side of the road.

  4. Man-shopper says:

    Like a car wreck indeed. There’s never a good time or place for a breakup. I’ve been dumped on an overnight train from Amsterdam to Paris. At the BEGINNING of the trajet. Thankfully, we had the car to ourselves, but when the conductor came by to stamp our tickets, he found a snotty crying mess (me) and an irritated ass-face (him). Longest train ride of my life.

  5. Simone Grant says:

    That sounds dreadful. Longest train ride indeed!

  6. JimiBoy says:

    Nothing is worse than breaking up and thinking it was all your fault. You think you can still do something but you’re better off moving on. If people were more honest about what is going on instead of lying all the time, maybe relationships would work out differently. Especially if the person is cheating. That person should know better, and should tell the truth. That stinks that the couple broke up on mother’s day, but then again if they aren’t parents I don’t think the day really matters. Maybe its just because I’m a guy. I think it would have been different if it were her birthday or a date with more significance like when the day they met. Telling the truth allows us to express ourselves and vent. I think people should practice this more often. Maybe then it wouldn’t boil down to breaking up with someone on a day such as Mother’s Day. This site that I heard about is pretty humorous but also let’s people share their stories for others to learn from.

    Simone, I think you’re blog is amazing, and you’re stories are great too.