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One Week Turns Into Two…

It’s was almost two weeks ago when Mr. Midwest and I said our (rather odd) goodbyes. I was happy-ish with the way things ended. And also tired. Of trying.

I tried hard. I thought. To do all of the things to “make it work”. Whatever the fuck that means.

Like I’ve done so many times before.  *sigh*

I’m smart enough to know (now) that this isn’t about success or failure.  That’s a dichotomy I refuse to buy into. And yes, even as I type that I know that there’s a part of me, deep down inside, that’s just wants to “win”.  To succeed.  To have everything fall into place. To pick the right at the right time and have him continue to be the right even after I let my guard down (instead of that whole Jekyll and Hyde thing I’ve experienced so many times before).

Anyway, I said I was going to take a week off from dating and then dive back in. Because that’s what I do.  I get right back on that horse.  Note: I once posted an online dating profile just 2 days after asking a man for my apt keys back.  I’m really into the “get right back on that horse” thing.

But now it’s almost 2 weeks later and I’ve made no moves towards dating. I can say it’s because I’ve been busy. And that’s absolutely a part of the truth. But the bigger truth is that I’ve been thinking. A lot.

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4 to “One Week Turns Into Two…”

  1. Terry says:

    It’s ok – take time. Don’t over think it.

    Here is my view- you are a prize. You are well written, thoughtful, smart, funny, and a bit neurotic (no disrespect at all).

    Hang in there- but even if you don’t- remember, we really don’t have too much control over the good things that come our way– not to make the good better. About the only thing we can do is screw it up.

  2. Sometimes we just need a little time. Why jump in before you’re ready?

  3. tinagirl207 says:

    i know exactly how you can be frustrating.i took all my dating profiles down in February after going thru the same things you’ve gone thru,told myself im gonna give myself a month-long break from’s been close to 3 months now and i still feel like i’m not ready to date again.i know when i’m good and ready,i’ll go back.but for now i just need time to recharge me.maybe that’s what you need to do too.take a little break,give yourself some time to recover.

  4. Fat-Albert says:

    Hey guys,
    I hear what you’re saying young lady, its like you can sit on your hands and do nothing or get out there/give it a go. Of course the frustrating thing is most men…. goodness, whats the right way to describle this… don’t know how to meet, attract/build comfort and escalate with women (this has a lot to do with/reinforced in their social conditioning. At the same time, why tolerate dating/being with someone who is not your type (no connection there, or they get lazy, complaicent, a slob, etc).

    Guys, we have to make our own breaks and at the same time must live life, be all that you can be and maximise opportunities (and come visit Australia haaaa). When you say you’re taking a break – are you really!?. Like persuing your passions, travelling, catching up with friends, clients, family – like really living or are you caught up in the ‘fog’/expectations of dating. Believe in yourself; believe that you can find/meet/attract your dream guy (or someone who has the qualities you want such as making those emotional,mental,sexual connections with you) believe that you are the sexiest woman in NYC and have fun/chillax with it all. As an example, if I were to ask you to tell me something interesting about yourself that’ll make me want to know you better – as more than say a mere face in the crowd: what would you say.

    PS: This girl in my yoga class told me this joke the other day: What d’you get when you cross a GPS with a woman on PMS?
    A. one crazy woman eho knows exactly where you are all the time.

    All the best guys,
    Keep smiling