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Sex, Sex, Sex (again)

A couple of days ago I got a message from a twitter friend. He’d been listening to the radio and heard some stat that didn’t sound quite right to him and he was wondering where it might have come from.

Well, I immediately sent him a link to the American Sex Survey, source of all that don’t sound quite right to me.

Now, I’m not implying that the survey methods were poor or that the results are wrong. Just that they seem off. But I am ready to fully admit that that probably has more to do with the fact that I have no idea what the average thinks or does. I’m a New Yorker and my life has been somewhat unconventional by average American standards.

Anyway, while I was sending him the link to the survey, I started to give it another read. Something on the first page caught my attention.

Really?  Do men really enjoy sex that much more than women.  And more importantly, do only 83% of men enjoy (and 59% of women) enjoy sex a great deal?

Hmmm.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many cranky-ass, bitter people around?

So let’s check that figure with you (and please, I hope the numbers are higher, but the truth is always preferable to pretty lies).

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How would describe your enjoyment level of sex?

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6 to “Sex, Sex, Sex (again)”

  1. brewers_rule says:

    I would say I enjoy and think about it lot but moreso the intimacy part of it and foreplay leading up to it. The actual act itself is entirely overblown as far as I’m concerned.

  2. anonymous says:

    I’m a female, and I LOVE SEX! Everything about it. I think about sex all the time, and I think about past sexual encounters all the time. I have even looked at my partners while we’re having sex and said, “I love sex”! (Only, I used a different word).

  3. Oliver Twist sums up my thoughts on sex…”please sir…can I have some more?”

  4. SecretSquirrel says:

    This is a self-selecting group of people who read about sex, dating, and relationships. Overall, we tend to be a bit more relaxed. So your results are going to be very skewed.

    btw, I’m a economist/mathematician/statistician. 😉

  5. D says:

    IMO women are much more likely to have had “bad sex” than men. So that may temper their assessment of how much they enjoy it.

  6. Sandyvs says:

    That’s funny that you should say that (D) about women being more likely to have bad sex, because I, personally have never had bad sex, but have talked to 3 men in the past 3 months that told me they have. When they told me the story of their ‘bad sex’, (all of them totally different) I had to agree that would count as really bad sex. I used to think, “Oh, how could it be bad for a guy”? Now, I realize that just because they had an orgasm doesn’t mean they had good sex.