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4 Ways to Bed a Gold Digger (and send me running)

Today’s post was supposed to be centered on some new data release by My regular readers know that I data. IT.  But alas, I’ve had no time to write a coherent post on the topic.  Seriously, it’s already past noon on a Friday and I’m just now getting to my Friday post. I usually have those written the night before.


So anyways, I’ll get to that tomorrow.  Instead, here’s a little list/rant inspired by last night’s date.  It wasn’t, if you haven’t guessed, a good one.

4 Ways to Bed a Gold Digger (and send me running)

  1. When I ask you to tell me more about yourself, reply, “I could retire tomorrow if I wanted to.”
  2. Go into great detail about your apartment, the penthouse with amazing views of the city.
  3. Talk about your new race car.
  4. Belittle the fact that other people are so fond of travel, as you travelled so much as a child you don’t get why other people make such a big deal about it.

In case anyone is wondering, we’d actually had a really nice phone conversation a few days before the date. He came off as humble and kind of goofy.

Oh well, so I wasted a couple of hours…

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3 to “4 Ways to Bed a Gold Digger (and send me running)”

  1. Lifebeginsat30ty says:

    Ouch. At least he didn’t talk about just what an inconvenience it is not to use the jet!

  2. Laura says:

    I just hope he took you somewhere amazingly expensive!

  3. I don’t understand #4? The other three, totally understandable, but I think you may be reaching on the fourth.