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Thank You for Writing, Part 2

As I predicted, the guy from Match called today. We had a nice little chat, at the end of which he asked me out to dinner Thursday night.  I suggested we make it drinks instead (that’s one rule I’m pretty strict with). So it’s a date.

For any and all of you guys out there, please take note – I’m going out with him because of how he followed up (emailing once, waiting a while and then trying again, and then closing the deal quickly). While he is smart, funny, attractive – so are a few dozen other guys who’ve sent me messages in the past few weeks.  I’ll end up meeting very few of them because they have such poor follow-up skills (or maybe they’re sending so many dozens of messages they don’t have the time to follow-up with everyone).

I shouldn’t say this, but fingers crossed.  I have a good feeling about this one.

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2 to “Thank You for Writing, Part 2”

  1. So true about the follow up…