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The Modern-Day Stepford Wives?

The Modern Day Stepford Wives? dating polls  243658 plastic brideFirst, a lesson:  never blog when you’re too tired to read. Baaaad idea. Please accept my apologies and this, my revised post/ for today:

So early last night I decided to turn on the TV, something I don’t often do unless there’s something specific I want to watch. I’m not sure what possessed me.

The very first thing I heard/saw is a segment on the local news about “Modern-Day Stepford Wives”.  It led me to tweet this and this(and shout at the TV).

Now, as far as I could tell, the story that prompted the segment was the “news” that Mario Lopez forced his girlfriend to get lipo and boob job.  The esteemed group of commentators were nearly universal in their approval of the idea that women should pretty themselves up for their men, at whatever the cost.  Plastic surgery did not seem too extreme to them.

Because it’s 2010 and we’re still having the same damn conversation, invest in your looks, they’re really what matter.

Anyway, this brought to mind a poll I did ages ago.  Back then I was asking if people would be willing to make changes (like weight loss) to please their partner. But for some folks, weight loss clearly isn’t enough (the more plastic surgery the better).

Would you be willing to get plastic surgery to please your partner if he/she offered to pay for it?

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13 to “The Modern-Day Stepford Wives?”

  1. You should have a Hell No choice.

  2. Shannia says:

    I am not sure I’d say no to a bit of lipo or boob job after child birht if I felt it would make me feel better. but just to please a man,, hell no!

    • Simone Grant says:

      I have nothing against plastic surgery, actually. I was just offended by the idea that plastic surgery was now an appropriate expectation in the race to find a mate.

  3. Aleesha says:

    If you’re going to get self-righteous at least get your facts straight.
    Lopez didn’t force his girlfriend to do anything. Lopez was part of the cast of Nip/Tuck this season. His character was the one forcing women to get plastic surgery. Lopez’s girlfriend is currently pregnant.

    • Simone Grant says:

      LOL. Actually Aleesha, I wasn’t even sure who Mario Lopez was until I googled him (and I’m still not sure and pretty much don’t care). I don’t care if some actor asked or didn’t ask his gf to get a boob job. I was offended by the chatter of the TV commentators. It was simultaneously hysterical and horrifying.

  4. Terry says:

    Simple words from this surgeon – no matter how “simple” a surgery is, there is always potential for disaster – .
    That being said – would a guppy get more colors in his tail to find a mate- probably- so perhaps this is a part of the evolution of mother nature. No longer will we have to wait for generations of breeding to produce the platinum blond with the DD – for a few thousand you can have it done- have a mate, and have kids. You can have your teeth straight, your hair colored, your chin made larger or smaller- whatever the latest in style is- we have an implant for you.

    • Simone Grant says:

      Teeth straightened, hair colored – I’m on board. Anything more serious than that and I’m out. Or maybe not. Maybe in a year or three I’ll be hopping on the boob job bandwagon.

  5. Fiona says:

    I voted no. There are things that I would like to change about my appearance – but I would never go under the knife and risk possible complications to satisfy someone else’s idea of what I should look like.
    If my partner had that kind of money to spend I can guarantee he would’t be spending it on such a ridiculous idea anyway.
    I guess the secret is to make sure you’re loved for who you are – and that you and your partner have the same outlook on life…

  6. Truth be told I voted “other” and here’s why…

    If I could get myself to be cool with plastic surgery (aka it didn’t completely creep me out…I’m currently working up to having Lasik so you can imagine I have a long way to go)…then hell yes I’d be cool getting it if they wanted to pay for it…that being said…the term “please” is pretty relative…however…I’m not going to lie…I don’t know how someone could really bring it up that they wanted me to get plastic surgery (as opposed to simply supporting my desire to have it) in a non-douchey way…either way the most likely scenario would be that I already wanted it…I was letting them pay and I’d be adios after….okay so maybe I have to change my answer to no then…

  7. Emma Johnson says:

    Nip/Tuck has some great drama too in the story, the women in this tv series are gorgeous too eventhough most of them are mature–,

  8. i love the storyline of Nip/Tuck both actors seem to have a very complicated life”.

  9. I as well believe so, perfectly written post!