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The Best Sex of Your Life Giveaway

I’ve got good news and bad news.  Good news first, I’m doing another giveaway and this time it’s with the fabulous folks over at   worked together with Dan and Jennifer on The Best Sex of Your Life.

From the press blurb:

Featuring plenty of tips guaranteed to make you blush, you’ll learn to get in touch with your inner seductress for orgasmic results. Among the secrets revealed — why you should . . .

  • Have in front of a mirror
  • Learn to use all four phases of the female
  • Watch porn with your man
  • Try some new positions — like the bridge or lotus
  • Use household items (hello spatula and rolling pin!) during foreplay

I wanna read it just for fun!!

Now for the bad news. Sadly, I need to limit this contest to US residents. Sorry folks. It’s easy to enter this one. Just leave a comment on this post (and make sure the email address you use is a valid one, ahem, you know who you are).

Good luck. I’m looking forward to helping someone win better sex.

ps. I almost forgot – this contest will be open until the 14th of April.

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15 to “The Best Sex of Your Life Giveaway”

  1. LV says:

    Yes! I’d love to have the best sex of my life! Pick me, pick me!


  2. Sandy says:

    hell, i’ll enter. i’ve been a relationshipped woman my entire adult life, but i find your blog simultaneously insightful and empowering. and us relationshipped folks are probably, in many cases, even more in need of the sex advice than the single folks.

  3. Sandyvs says:

    Hell yes! I LOVE new ideas in the sex dept. I would’ve have put bedroom there, but that’s not where it always happens…….

  4. Whitney says:

    Would be an awesome read for summer!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  5. StarMom says:

    Love your blog! Would love to win the prize, as well!

    All the best,

  6. Sandyvs says:

    •Have sex in front of a mirror
    •Learn to use all four phases of the female orgasm
    •Watch porn with your man
    •Try some new positions — like the bridge or lotus
    •Use household items (hello spatula and rolling pin!) during foreplay

    PLEASE!…..Maybe I don’t need this… you know how many mirrors I have in my bedroom/bathroom? Yeah, maybe it is to make things looks bigger (I’m talking about the room here), but I still have them. Then again, I could learn about the ‘phases’; I’ll just have to read that. Watch porn with my man, by myself….whatever. New positions? Yup, I’m sure there are some I haven’t tried yet. Household items? Not too sure about that one….maybe I should read the book. If I get one good/new idea it will be worth it.

  7. Kitty says:

    Ooooh, yeah! Always up for tips and a fun new read! XOXO

  8. Rachel says:

    Great tips, but be careful with the porn – there is some great erotica out there (the Bliss collection comes to mind) that is very arousing for both men and women without the need for the nasty closeups!

    Have a great getaway – looking forward to all the juicy details!

  9. Meghan says:

    YES Please!!!

  10. Misty Kaye says:

    Ooh, I love the chance to get new books about sex.

  11. Laurie says:

    pick me, pick me!

  12. melissa says:

    I want it!!!!

  13. DiaryofWhy says:

    Sounds like it could be informative. :)

  14. LuckyBroad says:

    Me! Me! I’m a librarian!