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Cheater, Cheater

One week

183 Total Votes

No, 53%

Yes, 47%

This means that in all probability, approximately half the people reading this have cheated.

Sure, the Nos win out with a slight majority. But only ever so slight. Looks like we had an awful lot of cheaters drop by in the last week (in case you’re curious, only a teeny % of readers vote in the polls).

This proves absolutely nothing.

Although it would be nice to see a little less moral indignation tossed around the blogosphere.  People .  And they lie. Lots of us.

Btw, I voted no. I’ve never cheated.  Then again, I don’t have that same compulsion for monogamy that most of my readers claim.

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4 to “Cheater, Cheater”

  1. Damn I missed this poll. but an 87th vote up for YES.

  2. Wait…I got the question wrong…need coffee, a 98th vote for NO.

    I thought the question said have I ever been cheated ON.

  3. Keep in mind, even when voting anonymously, people lie, even to themselves, so the statistics of how many cheat is likely much higher. I’ve seen stats showing as much as 70-80% of men in “monogamous” relationships cheat, and that 60-70% of women in “monogamous” relationships cheat. It’s too bad more people just can’t be honest and brave enough to communicate truthfully with their partners. They may be pleasantly surprised to find their partners are willing to indulge their fantasies, or our natural inclination to be attracted to more than one person.

  4. Patricia R. says:

    Cheating is a tricky, tricky concept…say your boyfriend spends the night on the couch in a female friends apartment after drinking too much while they were catching up. Cheating? Not technically, but my blood is boiling at the concept. I personally have never cheated (I voted so) but I remember thinking at times, “would I want my boyfriend to see what I am doing right now?” Nope! The take home lesson? Be careful about entering into a monogamous relationship…if you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. If you don’t want to, you don’t want to.