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Speaking of GGG, On a Scale of 1-10…

Speaking of GGG, On a Scale of 1 10... sex dating polls  1156821 handcuffsIn yesterday’s post I made reference to the phrase and even joked about there being a scale. I provided a link to the Urban Dictionary (my favorite reference source) so that folks who weren’t familiar with the phrase could get become so.

But since GGG is the topic du jour:

GGG stands for Good, Giving, and Game. More specifically: good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything—within reason. The term was coined by Dan Savage, gay author and sex columnist for the Stranger.

Within reason is a very relative statement. What one person considers within reason, another might think of as a freakishly insane (intentionally judgmental label).

Anyway, I got to thinking (the way I do) about the idea of actual GGG scale and started to wonder just where people fell. Is it like a bell curve? Do most people fall somewhere in the middle? I want to know!

Just how GGG are YOU? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most and 1 being the least, how would you rate yourself?

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8 to “Speaking of GGG, On a Scale of 1-10…”

  1. Ian says:

    I voted “other” because I think I’d rate at least 7-8, maybe 9-10 in the good and giving departments. But I wonder if my self-rating is inflated. Because, while I like to think I’m game for pretty much anything within reason, I can’t see myself embracing rope burn as part of having a good time with a beloved. Chacun a son goute (or something like that) as they say in the classics!

  2. It’s very interesting that there are not more 7-8s, and 9-10s then any other number.
    I guess it’s just the representation of people who come to the site…because I swear more women are stick in the muds than that. lol

  3. Dazediva says:

    I quite liked this GGG term .. never heard it before – and its a pleasure learning something new every time I stop by :)

    I’d like to rate myself as an 8.75 actually .. I put in beyond 100% in a relationship .. I’m not a 9 or 10 but I’m definitely not just an 8 either. I’ve had some partners who I feel were only a 7 and then again there as one man who was hitting 9′s and 10′s ..

  4. Patricia R. says:

    I figured most people who fall on the 7-8 scale. It’s a safe zone between scary, excessive freak and boring, prudish stick-in-the-mud. I think the really interesting scale would be finding out where your ex’s would rate YOU. We are so rarely accurate about ourselves in determining degrees of ___________(fill in the blank).

    Oh, and Urban Dictionary is completely revolutionary.

  5. nandoism says:

    I’m selfish in bed–I’m evil, I know…but that’s me. Maybe that’s why I’ve been single for so long? Oy!

  6. C says:

    I LOVE THIS! I can’t believe I have gone this long without having heard of “GGG”. AND I’m a Savage Love fan – how has this happened?! This perfectly describes what I look for in a lover. I suppose, as many of your commenters said, that the “Game” one is debatable and I’m flexible on it… but the first two G’s – it’s a perfect description. I’m so glad you wrote this and that, now, I’ve been introduced to it!