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The Dates that Weren’t (hahahaha)

I’m laughing at myself right now.  I thought I’d have 2 dates this week – a first date on Wednesday night and a (with Mr. Perfect on Paper) tonight. And I was all proud of myself for a) diving right back into my dating routine after that silliness with M and b) keeping it to just 2 dates a week instead of overscheduling myself.

But then I didn’t really feel well on Wednesday.  Not at all.  I haven’t really felt well all week and actually had a doctor’s appt. yesterday. Nothing serious. Or rather, nothing new. Just my body being it’s normal defective self.  So I asked Wednesday’s date if we could reschedule.  I didn’t want to go out and be all cranky and unfun. He seemed incredibly cool with it which is a good sign (I know it’s rude to reschedule a first date, but being sick sometimes is a fact of my life and having a guy around who doesn’t get that isn’t going to be useful for me in the long-run).

Then today, I was all anxious because me and Mr. Perfect on Paper had very nebulous plans.  We’d exchanged several emails earlier in the week which ended with him saying we’d figure out the details on Friday. That kind of thing normally stresses me out.  I’m a compulsive planner and I like to know what’s happening ahead of time.  But I know that not everyone is like me and am trying to be more open to the idea of dating guys who just like to wing it.

Finally, at around 2pm, he emailed to say he was sick and very sorry about it.  He asked for a raincheck and apologized profusely, yada, yada.  And I’m actually kinda thrilled.  Not because he’s sick (and yes, I’m going to assume he’s telling the ) but because I’m still not 100% and would love the night to stay in and watch videos from Netflix and just chill out.

So anyway, no dates this week.  Which means I’m probably going to have more than 2 dates next week (if these 2 guys want to see me next week + the guys I’m in the process of making plans with for next week). Nothing is ever simple.

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1 to “The Dates that Weren’t (hahahaha)”

  1. Jolene says:

    Ugh! I hate when that happens! You think you have this big ole pipeline of dates and then poof, up they go. I’ve been there many a time! I feel ya!

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