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A Winner With Some Chick Power

We have a winner for the Valentine’s Day is OVER Giveaway (so generously sponsored by the fab folks at Cozy Wallet).  I decided, before even knowing who it was, that the winner would be #22.  22 is a lucky number for me (I was born on the 22nd day of one month and my mom’s was on the 22nd day of another month and my sibling…).

Our winner is peri

Her response was:

FUN. so not going with the sad ones…. here’s some chick power for ya
pink – u + ur hand
carrie underwood – before he cheats
kelly clarkson – never again
kelly clarkson – behind these hazel eyes
christina aguilera – fighter

Her breakup music mix clearly trends towards the, “screw him, you’re better off without him” variety.  Love it. Here’s a couple from her collection:

Thanks to everyone for playing.  I have plans to create a playlist of all of your great breakup song suggestions and make a place for it here on the blog.  Somewhere, somehow.

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2 to “A Winner With Some Chick Power”

  1. peri says:

    YAY! THANK YOU- I just joined cozy wallet, too – very cool stuff!

    FIGHTER is one of my fave songs- sink or swim, ladies!

  2. Men Dating says:

    So, your lucky number worked for Peri…I will now look for #22 for me next year.