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Nothing Risque, Nothing Gained

I’ve been a big fan of the site Toy With Me for a while now, so I jumped at the chance to do a site review* for them.

Like the name suggests, they do sex toy reviews on high end toys (like the LELO NEA). I like the reviews and as someone who’s shelled out way too much money for products that were supposed to be fabulous and turned out to be ho-hum, I consider well written, honest toy reviews to be damn near a public service.  Btw, my birthday is just a few months away and I really like that We Vibe sounded awesome. Hint, hint.

However, I don’t really read Toy With Me for the reviews (as great as they are).  I read Toy With Me for the funny, smart and frank posts about everything from Prop 8 to semen cookbooks to the CBS abortion ad. Toy With Me isn’t afraid to go there in a way that speaks to me as a grown up (sorry, I know that 24 year-olds are officially grown ups too, but they’re not really).

So if you like sex, consider yourself a grown up (and if not, what the fuck are you doing on my site?) and have a sense of you should probably drop by Toy With Me and check them out.

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