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It’s Moving Day

Today is the day. Sometime in the next 24 hours I’m going to be moving from here, my home at OnSugar, to my new self-hosted home. The url will remain the same and my networked blog thingy on facebook won’t change either.

But, I’ve been told that my rss feed might get messed up and most importantly, all of the people who follow me via the OnSugar system will no longer get my posts emailed to them. My hope is that everyone will take the extra effort to find me and resubscribe using another method.

This is not going to be a clean move. The new theme is still a work in progress and there are elements (enhancements) to the new site that are still under development. AND, the move from this platform to WordPress was not without its issues. All of the polls got messed up.  And I lost all of my categories and tags (I’ve spent SO many hours going through old posts trying to re-tag and re-categorize them all – and there are over 700 posts). Oh, and the transfer ate a bunch of comments. From the last couple of months so I’m trying to copy and paste those in, carefully.

Have I mentioned I’m a little stressed and short on sleep?

Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and do the move sometime later today because each day that I put this off is another post and more comments that I need to fix…  Please be patient with me.  I know there will be people who find the way I’m doing this, publicly with all of the issues on display, to be unbelievably half-assed and unprofessional. And yeah, I guess that’s true.  But this is still very much my personal blog and I’m still a newbie to all this stuff, learning new things every day.  It seems somehow right to me that I just be honest about it all.

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1 to “It’s Moving Day”

  1. sabs says:

    So sad to see you go, thanks for being such a big supporter of ours! Self-hosted though, eep big move, congrats!