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A Happy Accident

First an apology.  I took an unexpected sick day yesterday.  I’ll catch up on everything soon.

So the other day I set out to do some man shopping for me and Lucky Girl.  I must have been distracted though, because I didn’t set the match search terms correctly.

In fact, I must have been really distracted because I didn’t even notice that the men whose profiles I was skimming through lived all over the world.

All I noticed is that these were new profiles.  Of men I’d never seen before. Not the same few hundred that I seem to be looking at over and over again.

Anyway, within 3 minutes I found one that I thought was utterly charming and sent him a note, not realizing how far away he lived (did I mention I was seriously distracted?).

I sent the note and went back to cruising profiles.  And then 5 minutes later I realized my error.  I knew it was too good to be true.

Anyway, the totally charming guy wrote me back.  His reply was just as charming as his profile. He mentioned how far away he lived, kind of as a fyi.  I replied that I hadn’t realized his location, at first, but that everything I wrote in my note to him was true (I paid him a couple of compliments).

Anyway, it was interesting for me, seeing who would be out there if I was willing to leave NYC.  A lot more “nice” guys, that’s for sure.  Not that I’m planning on leaving New York.  I’m not.  It was just interesting, that’s all.


3 to “A Happy Accident”

  1. wedphp says:

    It is always nice when you find some one nice person and you try to notice him/her. It is nice Accident :)

  2. NBMI says:

    Once upon a time I had a account on & was sent an email from a woman who lived about 1000 miles away. It just said that she thought that I looked like a great guy and that we lot in common (I think I am and we did). She also said she thought I was a great looking guy and it was a shame that we lived so far apart. We exchange a few flirty emails mainly lamenting the distance apart and that was that.

    It was fun and just getting an email that said something like that made my day/week/year. I think of her often……

    Just my two cents. Love your blog BTW.

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you made that guy’s day, as NBMI mentioned. Good deed of the week, which hopefully will be repaid with a good date ;)