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Some People Know How to Listen

So the other day I received an email from Lucky Girl. She’d been man-shopping for me again, and included the links to profiles for 4 different guys that she thought I might like.

I didn’t have to click the links for 3 of them. I recognized the profile names. One was a guy I actually dated for a short while a couple of years ago. Normally I’d link to posts on him, but not today. I’ll explain why later in the post. He turned out to be a total douchebag.

One was a guy I had a single date with. We met for drinks one night after work. He selected a bar next door to his office (far from either my home or office) and then showed up 20 minutes late without texting/emailing/calling to let me know and without apologizing upon his arrival. It was a very short date.

One is a guy I spent quite a bit of time emailing and talking to and was about to go out with. He’s an artist. Anyway, just before we met he sent me the link to his webpage and… I couldn’t. His work was horrible. I’m pretty sure I wrote about this, too. But again, no internal links today. I just can’t date a man whose artistic work I don’t respect. Not to my personal taste, but I can see how others would like it = fine. But if I think something is utter nonsense then that’s that. Because an artist needs people in their life who can support them and their work (believe me, I know). And this guy deserves a woman who can look at his website and not want to vomit.

The fourth guy seems like a good guy. I’ve been swamped for the past few days but I’m planning on emailing him this weekend.

Anyway, what does this all tell me? First of all, it tells me that Lucky Girl is a great listener. She picked men that I would pick for myself. They have all the attributes that I’m looking for.  At least the pretend to in their profiles. It also tells me that I’ve dated way too many of the guys in the online dating pool in NYC.  Seriously. I may have to quit it altogether.

Now, on to a completely different topic – why do I have no internal links to those old stories? Because I’m just about ready to move my blog and when I do I’m going to have to recode all of those internal links (NIGHTMARE!!!!!). This has been a harrowing process for me. Thank goodness I had so many amazing people helping me.

Yesterday I spend most of the day working with @curiouslt on my new WordPress theme. She’s such an amazing designer that she was able to listen to all of my needs and wants and fears and distill them down into a beautiful new look for the site (to be debuted soon, just as soon as we finish the migration and coding and OMG it stresses me to think about it all). I must take a moment to mention some others who helped. We had some lovely artwork to start with, contributed by Snafubar and that gave me something to focus on (something I very much needed). And I’d actually started with a theme that @TheB0y created for me, but needed to abandon that for a myriad of reasons.

Anyway, I can’t wait to show off my new look. Soon. Very, very soon.

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