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The Game Is On

So we’re now a few days into our little matchmaking game/experiment and I think that both Lucky Girl and I are starting to feel it.

It’s a very different thing, looking for a guy a friend might like vs. looking for a guy for yourself. For starters, I find I have higher standards for her than I do for myself. Mr. Spare tire with only one picture might be good enough for me if he says something funny/smart in his profile, but he’s probably not good enough for her.

The other thing is that I tend to focus on the differences in our taste/desires. So if a man is tall, for example, I will tag him a maybe (for her) even if he’s problematic in other ways. Which is a bizarre experience for me because I usually don’t even look at a guy’s height except as an afterthought. It’s such a non-issue for me.

We’ve each suggested 5-10 men to the other and each of us have shot down about half of those suggestions. So we’re both batting about 50/50. Of those, we’ve each received a few replies and a couple of those have already tanked. We’ve each already had a conversation hit the wall. Online dating is fun like that, sometimes it moves fast and sometimes it moves slow.

All in all, I’m loving it. Because she’s selected some men I never would have picked on my own (not because they weren’t cute or smart or whatever, but just because. Because it’s a crapshoot with so many people to click through, you’re bound to miss a few.

Somewhat in the spirit of this experiment, I responded to a couple of guys that I normally wouldn’t respond to. One because of his age and the other because of where he lives. I figured since I’m trying to be so much more open than normal, I’d really go for it and see what happens. Because really, what’s the worse that can happen? It’s just a couple of guys.

I’m out of town for the weekend and swamped/drowning with work stuff until then. I’m hoping to have a bunch of real life dates next week to write about. About freakin time! I know.

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