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Quick Dispatch from Online Dating Land

A few weird things I’ve been musing about this afternoon (as I try to convince myself that it’s not too cold to go outside and run my long list of errands):

  • A guy sends me a message a few days ago. He says that he knows that I wouldn’t be interested in him (and then states the couple of obvious reasons why I wouldn’t be interested in him) but that he wanted to say hello. And then writes a stream of compliments. I’m sure lots of women get messages like this, at least occasionally. Anyway, I checked out his profile and while he wasn’t a great match for me based on my search criteria he seemed like a decent guy. I wrote back (I usually write back if someone makes any real effort to write to me – “u r cute” doesn’t count as real effort).) and said thank you and some nice things about him in return. Last night he replies with a thank you and good luck. So, in other words, a blow off. I don’t get it.
  • A guy, a very interesting seeming guy, has been looking at my profile every day for the last 5 days. I am fairly certain we’ve never met in real life or exchanged messages before. I feel like I shouldn’t send him a message. I send messages to guys all the time. But I feel like sending one to a guy who’s been checking my profile every day would just be weird or wrong. *sigh*
  • A guy who I had a brief thing with about 4 years ago (it was nothing and I really can’t imagine ever seeing him again) checks out my profile (over and over again) every time I unhide. This has been going on for years. The funny thing is that we didn’t meet online and I half wonder if he even knows it’s me.
  • My most persistent suitor thus far has been a guy who lives in Europe. I’ve told him several times that I’m not interested in a long-distance relationship or in being the girl he sees a few days a month when he’s in NYC (been there, a couple of times, and I’m not interested in ever doing it again). But he’s still interested. And sadly, he’s actually the most interesting guy I’ve “met” so far. And yes, I know that part of the reason I think he’s interesting is because the relationship would be a logistical disaster.
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