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But first a musical interlude.

Sorry, certain words and phrases just get me humming. Now to the topic at hand. I need some help. As I’ve written about a few times, I’m going to be moving the blog. I’ve been planning the move for a while, but because of other stuff it keeps getting put off. It looks like it’s going to happen sometime in the next week.

So what does “moving” mean? Well for starters, I won’t be a part of the Onsugar network anymore. I’ll be self-hosting my blog using a WordPress theme. And so if you get a link to my blog emailed to you every day from Onsugar, those will stop coming. Sorry about that.

And the blog will look different. Not radically (I’m not going to turn it all kinds of wacky colors). But it will have a different look throughout and a new header. Speaking of which. I’ve been trying to come up with a new header for MONTHS. No I’m not exaggerating. As much as I love art I’m just not a visually creative person, if that makes sense. And I can get really indecisive about this kind of thing (like taking 2 years to decide what color to paint my living room walls).

So here I am asking for suggestions. I’d like something that is in keeping with the basic vibe of the blog. Whatever that is. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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