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Happiness + Time

As some of you know, I also have a blog (there’s a link to it on my header). I don’t post there often. I’m kinda a slacker. But I love the platform.

The other day I was trying to catch up on my tumblr browsing (something I’ll never do) and I read this quote in a post from Bitchville:

isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.”

Oscar Levant

I liked it* but also wrote the quote down in my notebook, thinking that one day I might reference it. Then last night I was out for tapas with a new friend, the brilliant writer behind How Very Lucky to Be a Girl and it came to mind as we were discussing dating and exes (I do actually talk about other things, but we were 2 dating bloggers so…) and the fact that it’s natural to misremember things. That after a breakup, it’s not uncommon for some people (not me) to idealize the relationships they had. To remember themselves as having been happier than they actually were.

Maybe that’s normal? Maybe it’s just hard for people to remember emotion accurately?

*Everyone on tumblr has the opportunity to “like” the posts they read/see by clicking a little heart in it’s top right corner. I’m becoming increasingly fond of tumblr.

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