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So, I started several posts for today. I commented on the Sarandon/Robbins breakup (I don’t get why people are so upset about it, they were together a long time and are splitting.  Stuff like that happens every day.) and the Naomi Wolf article that praised Carrie Bradshaw as a feminist icon. I told a boxing day story and shared some info about what’s going on (or not going on) in my dating life.

In the end, I couldn’t focus on one thing to write about.  It wasn’t a case of writer’s block.  Not really. It’s just that nothing I wrote really captured what I was feeling now.  Which is restless and anxious and a more than a little freaked out.  I feel like, and please excuse me if this doesn’t make any sense, I’ve made so many missteps already that I risk getting lost.  And that if I do get lost, no one might notice. That I could just keep wandering for days, weeks, months down the wrong path and no one would know.

I know that sounds kind of melodramatic. I don’t mean it to be. It’s just how I’m feeling right now. A little lost and impatient to get things back on the right track.  If only I could figure out which one is the right one.

So today is another day without a real post.  Hopefully things will seem clearer to me tomorrow.

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4 to “Wandering”

  1. Liverpoolgirl says:

    I know exactly how you feel Simone. Just give it time, some good rest and relaxation will help xxx

  2. Simone Grant says:

    Thanks darling. I’m trying. Sometimes maybe I need to get a little lost to figure out what’s really important to me.

  3. SamTO says:

    I feel ya!

  4. spankyluvsit says:

    writing about nothing is the best thing that you can do.
    sometimes i think about how, in grade school, we had to do “prompts”. remember those? terrible, tedious papers based off a short paragraph that posed a theme or a question. (alla A Christmas Story’s “themes”).
    i don’t remember what teacher it was, or what grade, but i remember one of my teachers told us
    “if you don’t like the prompt, & it doesn’t inspire you, then write about WHY it doesn’t inspire you. write about what you’d rather the prompt had been. write about what you’d rather be doing or write about your day dreams if you can’t concentrate on the prompt.”
    (obviously i don’t remember word for word, but that’s basically what was said)
    what an awesome teacher, eh?

    i’ve remembered that through my life. i try to stick to it. if i have writers block, i like to write about how pissed i am that i have writers block. the words may come out in mush, but most of the time, before i even publish the nothing post, i’ve been inspired & i start over with something more.. valid.