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So Tiger Woods is a cheater.  So is…, well damn that would be a long list.  In the last few years there have been literally dozens of celebrities and politicians who have been exposed as cheaters.  And those are just the ones we know about.  The ones who were caught.

The likelihood is that there are plenty of celebrities and politicians who and don’t get caught.  Just like there are plenty of married people all over the world, from all walks of life, who and don’t get caught.

Now, wait, before you go jumping to conclusions, this isn’t an anti- post (I’m not suggesting that all marriages are bad).  And I’ve already written about cheating, in some depth(and caught shit for that, too, even though I wrote that I’d never be with a married guy).  Rather, this is one of my stating the obvious posts. That lots of people cheat.  Some get caught, some don’t.  Some marriages end because of infidelity.  Some couples find a way to stay together.

The reality is, whether we like it or not, that cheating is really common.  And for people to get so up-in-arms every time a celebrity is caught doing it is kinda funny.  To me.

All week long I’ve watched as half of twitter was flipping out about the Tiger Woods thing (I don’t watch much TV, I can only imagine how they handled it) and I kept thinking, GTFU people.  He cheated.  Big deal.  It’s not like he killed someone.  Sheesh.  Anyway…

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8 to “Caught”

  1. queenieNYC says:

    My reaction has been more along the lines of “It’s none of your effing business, people.” Having seen up close and personal how cheating can ruin a marriage or be used as a lever to get oneself out of a relationship (the coward’s lever, really), I’m hardly neutral on the issue. That said, we know exactly none of the circumstances here – and, even if we did, it STILL wouldn’t be our business, because it’s not our marriage or our family.

    There is so much going on in the world right now. Yesterday, there was a fatal shooting at a Pakistan mosque, bringing the total number of deaths in that country due to terrorism to over 400 in the last six months. You’d think the news channels could cover that. Or, you know – ANYTHING ELSE.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe that these men should not marry if they are not willing to be monogamous,or in an open relationship.
    Since they pay women off with stipulations that are comparable to a business deal,they should just look for someone to marry that will view the union in that way.If not,then don’t bother getting hitched!

  3. martinf says:

    Right or wrong, I think the reason why people are going so crazy about it is because it’s Tiger Woods. He’s Mr. Cool, ice-water running through his veins, super competitive, nothing can distract him or get in his way on a golf course…but secretly he has to call up some “other woman” and leave a voicemail where he begs her to change her voicemail because he’s scared his wife will call her and find out.

    He’s got such a calculated and distant persona that he’s spent years creating and protecting that people really want to hear more about what he’s really like underneath. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just explaining why people are so crazy about this.

  4. nando's blog says:

    Finally, someone with some sense! You are so right….it’s not the end of the world–he cheated.
    And guess what? Once this blows over–he’ll probably cheat again!
    We should be more focused on our relationships than celebrities.
    I for one an glad he cheated….I needed a little celebrity gossip to get over the holiday blues.

  5. Simone Grant says:

    You said the other half of what I was thinking perfectly/better than I could. Every time there is one of these celebrity scandals I wonder – why should I care when there are SO many important things going on in the world.
    I’m not condoning anyone’s behavior. Just pointing out that it’s a bit ridiculous for people to be so obsessed with it. And really, why should you or I or anyone else have any right to judge them?
    Um, he plays golf. He doesn’t disable bombs. Again, he’s just another person who cheated. Kinda silly that this was such a hot topic compared to the “real news”.
    Thanks darling. I really don’t get this obsession that people have with the sex lives of celebs. Maybe one day you can explain it to me?

  6. Michelle-Ashley says:

    The only reason everyone has decided to flip out over this new fact is because of Tiger Woods’ status – he is a celebrity. For some reason, we put these people (celebrities) on some sort of pedestal; we have it in our heads that those individuals we see on television, or in magazines, lead some elite lifestyle, which makes them less susceptible to failures and mistakes. WRONG, they are just like us. Unfortunately, it is true what you said about the growing popularity of cheating. Considering how difficult it is to catch even one culprit today, most choose to take their hate and frustration out on the one individual that has been caught and brought into the public eye.

    All in all, I think most have come to face the shameful reality of cheating today, however, it’s my assumption that many choose to react in such a farfetched manner because they are either shocked by the individual (status), or by the fact that someone has actually been caught.

  7. grad student says:

    I don’t get the surprise at the coverage and such. All news has become tabloid gossip crap; it is easy, salacious and grabs ratings. I play golf for 25+ years now, but I am not Tiger Woods. When an athlete/celebrity/public person gets caught the news outlets go nuts. It is an easy story and distracts from real, serious concerns.
    Why such a deal about Tiger? Well, he is the Michael Jordan/Peyton Manning of golf. He is at the top of his sport, perhaps the best ever. And, his public persona transcends his sport; the general public likes him. He presents (or presented) and ‘good guy’ image. Charles Barkley says “I am not a role model” but all of these guys are. Kids to look up to their sports heroes. AND, Tiger was perceived as a guy worthy of role model-hood. Now he is not.

    Personally, I don’t care. I don’t idolize him; I didn’t idolize Jack Nicklaus. I would LOVE to play golf like they do, but I know they are people with flaws and positive characteristics both.

  8. Singletude says:

    Eh, I think the media latches onto this stuff because they need a story, and people buy the stories because there’s nothing else to read…and because we’re social creatures, who were designed to be interested in each other’s business. I suspect people gossiped just as much about the tribal chieftain and his mistress in the days or yore, perhaps even more so because there was so little else to do.

    In general, I find it ridiculous that celebs can generate this level of interest at all, much less for tales about their sexual escapades. And I, too, am surprised that anyone else is surprised when a person of some note cheats. I guess Woods’s straight-laced image is responsible for some of the shock, as are the unique circumstances surrounding this incident (i.e., the bizarre car accident, his extremely beautiful but remote wife, the merry-go-round of girls who’ve popped up claiming mistress status). Still, aren’t we used to “morally upstanding” public figures like politicians and preachers f’ing up very publicly? It seems like the more self-righteous a person is, the more likely they are to be hit with this kind of scandal.