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Starting Over, Again (for the umpteenth time)

So the plan is that I’m going to start dating again.  That’s the plan.  But I haven’t gotten going yet.


Well, for starters, I need new pictures.  My last “new pics” are about a year old and I’m really strict about that.  Truth is, I’ve put on about 5-8 pounds (depending on the day/week) since then and it shows in my face. It’s rounder now.  And my hair is a little shorter.  And I just really think that pics should look like the person, how they look at present.

I tried taking some pictures of myself the other night when I came home from hanging out with friends.  I was dressed up for a holiday party, wearing a dress and all made up (we didn’t make it to the party, but that’s another story).  I used the little photobooth app on my macbook and the pictures didn’t come out horrible.  OK, yes they did.  The light in my apartment is dreadful.

Anyway, I’ll try to get my shit together to have a friend take a few pics sometime in the next day or so.  And then I’ll refresh my written profile, update some of the things it says, etc (those get stale and old, too).

I wanted to write about this today because, well, I wanted to show you that it’s a process for me, too.  That there are steps I take to prepare for getting back into the online dating pool.  That I put a lot of thought into it.  And that, I think, the thought and effort pays off in the long run.  At least, I think it pays off.  Sure, I’ve gone out with some guys who turned out to be douchebags, but I’ve also met some pretty awesome guys.

So soon.  Next week.  Hopefully.  And then who knows what might happen…

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6 to “Starting Over, Again (for the umpteenth time)”

  1. Djamshut says:

    I definitely enjoy reading those old posts of yours.. Thanks for digging up for us.
    Hmm, for me I do not have any favorite number but number 10 brings me luck.

  2. Erin A. says:

    I always laughed when I saw profiles of guys who looked vastly different from picture to picture. It’s like, OK, what’s the likelihood I’d even recognize you were we to meet? Which we won’t

  3. Chenzo says:

    I’d be the first to offer to take some lifestyle pictures of you, but we live in different time zones! The more I’ve been online, the more I realize that so few people have ‘pro’ portraits of themselves. I could probably start a whole new business just taking pictures for people on online dating sites.

    If you’re in Denver for whatever reason, look me up and we’ll do a quick session. NYC is full of photogs, though. You can’t miss!

  4. TakingLoveBackToTheStreets says:

    I think I am going to start dating too. I hook everyone else up and really want the same. I wan to cuddle this winter. Maybe I’ll aim for 1x week.My goal is to have a date lined up for next Friday.:) we’ see.. good luck to you.

  5. You Make My Date says:

    Wooh! I’m super excited that you’re getting starting again, because you seem upbeat with the decision to do so, which is obviously what matters most. Good luck with the photos and I’m looking forward to hearing how it all goes :)

  6. Simone Grant says:

    WOW – sorry I’m just getting to your comments now. First/most importantly, welcome to the blog to my new readers/commenters here. I still haven’t gotten around to those photos (and yes Erin A, it’s funny how men will post pics where they look different in each one, and yet I am making a big effort for mine). This week, I hope.